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Not all setups will have a neutral wire. Usually if there is a neutral wire it is white. However, this is not always the case. We highly recommend contacting an experienced electrician to ensure the correct wire is identified as the neutral wire.

First figure out which breaker powers the circuit that the outlet is currently drawing power from. The best way to do this is by trial and error. You will need a volt meter (hot stick) to tell if the wires are “hot” or not and start by switching off the breakers one at a time. You will then use the meter at the outlet to see if it is “hot” or not. You can also plug in a lamp or another obvious device if you don’t have a meter, it will turn off if the power is off. Our team also recommends labeling your breakers as you go with this task, so you will now which breaker powers which devices the next time you have to change a device.

We can most certainly assist you with this! Our products have a one year warranty and we pride ourselves on providing great products to you. If your item can be fixed without the warranty, we have a great team of technical support agents that can be reached at [email protected]. If after troubleshooting there are still issues, the same team can process a replacement for you.

Yes we do! Please contact us directly, indicating the product name and the quantity you wish to purchase. We will respond with a personalized quote. Send all inquiries to [email protected].