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Rayzeek's occupancy sensors are designed to provide automated control of lighting, HVAC, and other connected systems. These sensors detect the presence or absence of people and turn systems on or off accordingly, enhancing energy efficiency and user comfort. Our sensors use advanced technology to accurately detect occupancy and are easy to install, making them a perfect fit for any residential or commercial setting. Experience the convenience, safety, and energy savings of Rayzeek's Occupancy Sensors. Choose from a variety of models to suit your specific needs.

Learn how Rayzeek guarantees your satisfaction with our rigorously tested occupancy sensors.

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Universal Sensors

Our occupancy sensors are designed to be flexible and universal, catering to a wide range of application needs. Not only do they combine both occupancy and vacancy modes, but they also feature a manual toggle switch, providing a comprehensive solution for your lighting control needs.


Experience unmatched flexibility with our occupancy sensors, designed for diverse application needs. Our ceiling sensors support both line-voltage and DC 12/24V low voltage, while our wall sensors are compatible with 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire wiring options.

Extended Range

With our wireless companion sensor kits, you can extend the detection range, enabling multi-location operation and broader coverage. This feature ensures your lighting responds accurately to motion, enhancing efficiency and comfort in your space.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors are an energy-efficient solution for automating lighting in commercial and residential spaces. They are designed to detect when a room is occupied and turn the lights on or off accordingly. This can help reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills. Our occupancy sensors are easy to install and can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, classrooms, restrooms, and homes. They are available in various styles and sizes to fit your specific needs. Our sensors use advanced technology to accurately detect motion and can be adjusted to your desired sensitivity level. They are also equipped with a manual override switch, allowing you to manually turn the lights on or off as needed.

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