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Why Use Rayzeek Lighting Controls?


Lighting accounts for global greenhouse gas(CO2) emissions.


Lighting acconts for global electricity consumption.


Lighting accounts for home electricity bills in the U.S.


Lighting accounts for commercial building’s electricity bills.


The installation of smart lighting controls can reduce lighting energy consumption by 30-50% – sometimes more.

Energy-saving lighting controls can be extremely simple and cheap to install, and strategies such as high-sensitivity occupancy sensors , motion sensors or daylight dimming controls can notably improve the comfort level in your home and commercial building which is an essential key to a quick acceptance and high user satisfaction of any energy-saving solution.

motion sensor solution for smart building

Smart Buildings

Rayzeek empowers people-focused solutions with personal control and intuitive automation on high-performance lighting control, dimming for smart buildings that require an integral and energy-friendly total solution.


Open offices, private offices, and conference rooms are essential for every business whether you are big or small. The well-designed and delightful lighting control system can boost productivity, safety and comfort for employees. While all offices have different layouts, it’s necessary for an expert to come up with a tailored design.

motion sensor solution for offices
motion sensor solution for hallway


When designing the occupancy solution for a hallway or public places where fully automative lighting control is recommended, we’ll need to take several factors like length, time, people, and many details into account. We’ll need to cover all areas where people might enter or have reason to linger. Cost-effective solutions would be much more preferred here.


Comfort and energy saving are the two main factors we consider for residential lighting solutions. Automative lighting sensors can improve the overall comfort for your family, especially in places like kitchens, restrooms, and bedrooms. While for average homeowners, the lighting cost covers nearly 20% of monthly electric bills. Not only Rayzeek can help you cut the cost, but also help you contribute to a green world.

residential motion sensor solution

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