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Superior Occupancy and Motion Sensors

Add motion detecting everywhere from wall to ceiling to enjoy energy saving with Rayzeek occupancy and vacancy sensors today.

Motion Sensor Light Switch

Rayzeek occupancy sensor is not just a light switch,
it offers an energy-friendly and convenient lifestyle for
homeowners and commercial facilities
 to enjoy lighting in a smarter way.

US Standard

1-Gang wall box design with neutral and ground wire types for the U.S market. UL, FCC, RoHS certified for commercial grade applications.

EU Standard

UK and EU standard 86 type junction box, with a sleek, elegant and unmatched design. 5A to 10A high current rating with max flexibility.

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounted occupancy sensor switches for lights, fans and HVAC with advanced PIR motion detection control for homes and offices.

Smart Motion Detection Lighting

Rayzeek hands free lighting control solutions help you stay safe in post Covid-19 environment.

Featured Solutions

motion sensor solution for smart building

Smart Buildings

Rayzeek empowers people-focused solutions with personal control and intuitive automation on lighting controls for smart buildings.

motion sensor solution for offices


Well-designed and delightful lighting control system can boost productivity, safety and comfort for employees.

motion sensor solution for hallway


When designing the occupancy solution for a hallway or public places,  automatic lighting controls are the best option.

residential motion sensor solution


Automative lighting sensors can improve the overall comfort for your family, especially in places like kitchens, restrooms, and bedrooms.

R&D Capacity

20 years of expertise in PIR sensor industry with rich R&D and OEM/ODM experiences.

Explore Rayzeek

top designs by rayzeek


Rayzeek’s flexible and universal prouct design are born to fit any application.

rayzeek has rich experise in lighting controls


15 years of ODM/OEM experience for global brands in lighting control market.

rayzeek offers services to customers


Full service supported from Rayzeek from design to aftermarket.

insights by rayzeek


Inspring industry trends and insights from Rayzeek.

Blogs and Insights


What Is a Dimmer and How Does It Work

In today’s rapidly advancing technological era, lighting fixtures have evolved beyond their conventional on-off switches. Dimmers have become increasingly popular as they offer a versatile and customizable lighting experience in homes, offices, and various other settings.

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What Is a Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are becoming increasingly popular in areas of home security, energy savings and automation fields. They can be used for burglar alarms or security cameras and programmed to operate when they detect motion in the area.

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