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PIR Motion Sensors

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About PIR Motion Sensors

Rayzeek Passive Infrared PIR motion sensors are widely used as motion sensor light switches or fan switches in homes and commercial facilities.

Rayzeek passive infrared technology is more advanced and accurate with an improved MCU for better human motion detections. Our unique motion sensor design makes our motion sensors stand out and are highly favored by customers worldwide.

Whether you need an occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor or even a manual ON/OFF sensor, Rayzeek has got you covered. All our motion sensors are all-in-one sensors with occupancy sensor mode, vacancy sensor mode and Rayzeek exclusive manual ON/OFF mode built in one, allowing you to switch modes anytime you need to best suit your needs.

For wall mount sensors, we offer U.S. standard single gang and EU standard 86 wall box design to easy installation and replacement for existing manual switches.

For ceiling sensors, we offer an occupancy motion sensor that can work as the ideal light switch or fan switch for bathrooms, garages or offices.

All motion sensors have a broad working voltage from 120V to 277V to be competent for home 120 volt and commercial 240 volt and 277 volt applications.

Go touchless with Rayzeek, and stay hands-free now.

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