What is LED Driver (Fixed Voltage)

Horace He

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

What is LED Driver (Fixed Voltage)

An LED Driver (Fixed Voltage) is a type of power supply specifically designed for LED lights to convert the incoming electrical power into a suitable form for the LED lights to operate efficiently. The term “fixed voltage” refers to the fact that this type of driver provides a constant voltage output to the LED lights it is connected to.

The purpose of a fixed voltage LED driver is to ensure that the LED lights receive a specific and consistent amount of voltage required for optimal performance. LED lights have a specific voltage range within which they operate effectively, and providing a fixed voltage helps maintain the desired brightness and performance of the lights.

Fixed voltage LED drivers are typically used in conjunction with LED lights that have a current limiter or regulator built-in. This means that while the voltage supplied by the driver remains constant, the current can vary depending on the number of LED lights connected in parallel. For example, if multiple LED lights are connected, they will require a higher current than a single LED light.

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