What is Low Voltage Track

Horace He

Last Updated: October 24, 2023

What is Low Voltage Track

Low voltage track refers to a type of track lighting system that operates on a lower voltage, typically 12V or 24V, which offers several advantages. This system requires a step-down transformer to convert the standard 120V household current to the lower voltage required for the track lights to function.

It allows for a wide range of light bulb options, including GU5.33 MR16 halogen bulbs or LED bulbs with a minimum power requirement of 7W. It is important to note that LED bulbs should not be used with front glass and should not be dimmed below 7W.

Low voltage track lighting fixtures come with preinstalled electronic transformers, which facilitate the voltage conversion for the low voltage operation. These fixtures are available in various designs, such as cylinder-looking, square head, gimbal ring, and barn doors, allowing for different lighting effects and applications.

This type of lighting system finds applications in diverse spaces, including restaurants, salons, garages, offices, showrooms, and both commercial and residential settings. It is particularly suitable for accent lighting, spot lighting, and creating ambient lighting effects. Low Low-voltage track lighting is often used to highlight artworks, sculptures, floral arrangements, or other products in museums, galleries, and retail stores.

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