Kit: Low Voltage Controller+ 2X Wireless Motion Sensor



The RZ016A is the main controller, which connects with the load. The RZ016A turns On/Off the load by pressing the button or by receiving the wireless signal from the motion sensor(RZ016W). If the motion sensor detects the motion, it will give out a signal to the main controller (RZ016A) to turn on the load.

Rayzeek passive infrared technology is more advanced and accurate with an improved MCU for better human motion detections. Our unique motion sensor design makes our motion sensors stand out and are highly favored by customers worldwide.

If the motion sensor(RZ016W) does not detect the motion, after the time delay(adjustable) expires, the main controller will turn off the sensor.If the motion sensor detects the motion again, the motion sensor will give out a signal to turn on the load immediately. You can also adjust the time delay and the light level via the main controller if it’s connected to a light.

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Product highlights

  • RZ016A: Main plug-in controller
  • RZ016W: Wireless, battery-powered, motion sensors
  • The RZ016A can work independently as a dimmer switch
  • The RZ016A can pair with 1 or multiple RZ016W to extend the detecting coverage

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Motion Sensor Switch Kit RZ016

The RZ016 motion sensor & controller is a remote control motion sensor kit for DC 12/24V light strips. With this kit, you can transform any light strip into motion activated style in no time.

The kit consists of two devices: The RZ016A controller and the RZ016W motion sensor. Connect the controller with your light strips, and it’s done. When the motion sensor detects your presence within the range, it will send a signal to the controller to turn on the connected light.

Multi-location Use Case

The RZ016 motion sensor kit can be used for multi-location control. The controller can pair with one, two, or multiple sensors. As long as either sensor detects motion and sends signals to the controller, the controller will turn on the light.

As the sensors are remotely connected with no wiring needed, it’s incredibly flexible and convenient for all types of complicated applications.

User-Friendly Operation

The RZ016 kit has 3 working modes. ON, OFF or Auto. In ON/OFF mode, the RZ016A controller can work standalone as a normal dimmer switch without the motion sensor.

  • Turn the light ON or OFF like a manual switch.
  • Adjust the light level like a dimmer switch.

In auto mode, the light is controlled by motion sensors automatically. You can additionally:

  • Select time delay from 15s to 900s.
  • Enable or disable the light sensor(35lux).

Plug and Play

The installation is as easy as it gets. The controller is a plug-in switch. You simply plug it in and replace the existing light strip inline switch.

Install two AAA batteries in the motion sensor. Turn on the motion sensor, and that’s it. The sensor and controller are already pre-paired from the factory.

Features, Benefits, Specs

Features & Benefits

  • Time-Delay: Press this button to adjust the time delay, the time setting on the sensor from the last detected motion until the lights are turned OFF. There are 6 options for time delay:15s, 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s, 900s.
  • Light Level: Press this button to adjust the lighting light level. The light level will change from 20%~100%
  • Auto Mode: The main controller will be controlled by motion sensor (RZ016W) and turns on/off by receiving the signal from the motion sensor (RZ016W).
  • ON Mode: The main controller will turn on the load all the time. The motion sensor will not take effect.
  • OFF Mode: The main controller will turn off the load all the time. The motion sensor will not take effect.



Input Voltage

DC 12~24V

Output Voltage

Equal to input voltage

Load current

≤ 5A

Static power

≤ 10 uA



Time Delay

15s, 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s, 900s Adjustable

Light Level

20%~100% Adjustable



Motion Sensor-Emitter

Input Voltage

2pcs AAA batteries powered

Output Voltage

Equal to input voltage


1. Sensor ON/OFF, 2. Light Sensor ON(≤35lux)/OFF

Detect range

5~8 Meters

Wireless transmission range

7-20 Meters (7M when batteries voltage is lower than 2.5V)


RZ016 Installation

RZ016 User Guide

RZ016 Pairing Guide

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