Motion Sensor Plug Kit



The RZ061-R motion sensor plug kit automatically powers the controlled electrical devices when the wireless battery-powered RZ016W motion sensor detects motion, and powers off after a time delay. This motion sensor plug kit is perfect for adding basic automation to your electrical devices and helps you save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

Product highlights

  • Auto & Sleep mode available
  • Wireless battery-powered PIR motion sensor
  • Motion Detecting Range: 6-8M
  • Wireless Signal Transmission Range: 10~15M

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Motion Sensor Plug Kit

The RZ016W is the motion sensor/emitter that detects motion and sends wireless signals to the paired plug/receiver RZ061-R. Simply turn on the electrical devices and plug in via the sockets. When the plug receives motion signals, it will automatically turn on controlled electrical devices. The plug will turn off/power off the controlled devices when no motion is detected after a time delay to save energy. Users can temporarily turn ON/OFF the load by pressing the button on the plug. The wireless battery-powered motion sensor makes it easy for DIY installation with a long motion detecting and transmitting range. You can stick or mount the motion sensor almost anywhere you like.

Features, Benefits, Specs

Features & Benefits

  • Auto mode: automatically turns the controlled device ON/OFF based on motion detection.
  • Sleep mode: keeps the power OFF despite motion detection.
  • Compatible with most electrical devices with a high 10A max load current.
  • The light sensor allows the sensor to only detect motion when the ambient brightness is above 35 lux.
  • Battery-powered with long-lasting battery life (at least 1 year).
  • Can be paired with one or multiple RZ016W sensors for multi-location detection.
  • Wireless design for fast, easy, and flexible DIY installation by simply sticking or fixing on the wall.
RZ061-R Plug/Receiver

Working Voltage

110V AC 50-60HZ

Load Current

10A Max

Mode Selection

Auto / Sleep

Time Delay

90s, 5mins, 10mins, 30mins, 60mins, adjustable

RZ016W Motion sensor/Emitter


2 X AAA batteries


1.Sensor ON/OFF 2.Light Sensor ON(351ux)/OFF

Detect range

5-8 Meters

Wireless transmission range

10~15 Meters

EU rz022 occupancy sensor c2a

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