Bedroom With Perfect Lighting

You are likely to have spent a lot of time and effort thinking about the decor and furnishings for your bedroom, e.g., nice bedding and some fancy furniture, but have you considered putting the same amount of effort into the lighting? 

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lighting control in office

Are Occupancy Sensors Required by Code?

Occupancy sensors play a crucial role in automating illumination, reducing electricity wastage, and improving our lighting-usage experience. There are two types of occupancy sensors: occupancy sensors are a type of auto-on and auto-off sensor, whereas vacancy sensors are a manual-on and auto-off sensor, sometimes called a manual-on occupancy sensor.

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A Guide to Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are one of the most worthy investments for your home improvement and safety. A motion sensor light can not only provide illumination as a regular light does, but it can also add automation and a convenient lighting experience to your home that the lighting automatically turns on and off for you, completely hands-free. 

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