What is Diffused Light

Horace He

Last Updated: September 10, 2023

What is Diffused Light

Diffused light, also known as “soft light,” refers to a type of lighting that evenly disperses light across a surface or subject, resulting in a more flattering and gentle illumination. Unlike hard light, which produces sharp shadows and concentrated light spread, diffused light softens shadows and creates a smoother transition between light and dark areas.

This type of lighting is achieved by using lighting fixtures with diffusers or lenses that scatter the light, or by covering the light source with a material that spreads the light evenly. The scattering of light helps to eliminate harsh shadows and reduce the intensity and glare of direct light.

Diffused light is often preferred in photography and cinematography as it creates a more natural and pleasing lighting effect. It can be achieved by utilizing natural sources such as cloudy skies or by using artificial lighting techniques. The choice between diffused light and hard light depends on the desired aesthetic and the specific requirements of the image or scene being illuminated.

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