What is Hard Light

Horace He

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

What is Hard Light

Hard light produces a direct and focused source of light. It can originate from various sources such as the sun, a continuous light, or a flash. The defining characteristic of hard light is its strength and directionality, which results in the creation of strong and well-defined shadows.

When hard light is used, the shadows produced have sharp edges and a distinct separation from the illuminated areas. This creates a high contrast and dramatic effect in images. Hard light is often favored in photography and cinematography for its ability to add depth and dimension to a scene.

Examples of hard light sources include the sun on a clear day, a direct beam of light, or an undiffused light bulb. It is important to note that hard light is typically found in situations where the lighting is direct and undiffused, without any softening or scattering from local objects or conditions.

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