What is American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

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Last Updated: September 18, 2023

What is American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a private, not-for-profit organization in the development of voluntary standards and conformity assessment systems across various industries, including the lighting industry. While ANSI does not directly create American National Standards, it provides the necessary support and accreditation to standard development organizations (SDOs) responsible for their creation.

ANSI monitors the standardization process and ensures its fairness and transparency by accrediting SDOs. By doing so, ANSI ensures that interested parties have the opportunity to participate in the standards development process. Additionally, ANSI collaborates with these organizations to establish consistent and rigorous assessment processes, ensuring that the standards are developed using a reliable methodology.

With a membership of over 1,000 organizations representing more than 270,000 companies, professional societies, trade associations, government agencies, and consumer and labor organizations, ANSI holds significant influence and represents the interests of millions of professionals worldwide. The standards developed by ANSI not only benefit businesses but also prioritize public safety and support the overall economy.

In the lighting industry, ANSI accredits SDOs such as ASTM International, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., NFPA International, ASME International, ASHRAE, CSA America, Inc., and NSF International. These organizations play a vital role in developing and maintaining standards related to lighting products, installation, safety, energy efficiency, and other crucial aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the American National Standards Institute ANSI Do

The American National Standards Institute is responsible for supervising and managing standards and conformity assessment activities within the United States.

What Does It Mean to Be ANSI Certified

Becoming ANSI certified signifies that the CCIFP certification adheres to the most rigorous standards. This instills an extra level of trust in the certification and those who possess the CCIFP designation. It also safeguards the credibility of ICCIFP and its legal defensibility.

Are ANSI Standards Mandatory

ANSI Standards are typically not mandatory, unlike OSHA laws and government standards which are always mandatory.

Who Do ANSI Standards Apply To

The ANSI standard is applicable to all types of detached single-family homes, including manufactured housing.

What Are the Benefits of ANSI Accreditation

Going through the process of ANSI accreditation can have several advantages. It can lead to cost reduction and increased efficiency in the global supply chain by implementing best practices, streamlining processes, and minimizing the need for multiple audits. Additionally, obtaining ANSI accreditation can provide an extra level of legal protection against unfounded claims.

Does OSHA Recognize ANSI Standards

ANSI standards can be adopted by OSHA and become legally binding in two main ways. One way is when OSHA explicitly references specific ANSI (or any other organization’s) standards in their regulations. This is known as “incorporation by reference”.


The main distinction between OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards lies in their enforceability. OSHA is a legally binding standard, whereas ANSI and ISO are voluntary standards.

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