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Horace He

Last Updated: December 9, 2022

You are likely to have spent a lot of time and effort thinking about the decor and furnishings for your bedroom, e.g., nice bedding and some fancy furniture, but have you considered putting the same amount of effort into the lighting? 

Lighting has a critical part to play in your bedroom. Getting the lighting right in bedrooms is a great idea if you want to create a cozy environment that invites you to relax and unwind, and also, with proper layering, it helps enhance your bedroom space in a visual way.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you can smoothly fall asleep to sweet dreams and wake refreshed.

Planning Ahead

It’s essential that you have a plan in mind before you begin. The first thing you need to think about is the range of things you do in the bedroom. Do you need to hang a wall-mount TV or a home projector for viewing needs? Is this bedroom for you, your children, parents, or guests?

Furthermore, will you spend time in your bedroom or just for sleeping? If you are only going to use your bedroom for sleeping and relaxing, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on things and decor. However, if you are going to have entertainment in your bedroom, or working, reading and studying in the room, then you might want to spend a bit more time and investment on decor and have enough space and proper lighting prepared, e.g., a desk lamp for reading and working with your laptop.

In general, bedrooms should have both soft lighting and the ability to turn on lights when needed, such as for dressing and reading. Therefore, plan to have fixtures that provide both soft light that give a sense of warmth and relaxation and good ambient light. This usually involves having a mix of overhead light and wall sconces or table lamps with some form of bedside lighting.

If you have a dressing table, it will demand brighter light. Each of these has different needs, and you should plan a mixture of lighting to give flexibility and enable you to perform the task you want, for instance, get dressed, put on make-up, read or gently fall asleep.

Think About the Size of Your Room

Before purchasing lighting for your bedroom, think about the size of the room. Among all sizes, the height of the ceiling is particularly important. The light in the room must be high enough for any central light to spread light and illuminate the whole room. Bedrooms often have lower ceilings than other rooms, so keep this in mind when planning the central light. Furthermore, the light should be in line with the syle of the whole room.

You may want to make a statement with a chandelier which always adds luxury to a room, but do make sure the size of the room can handle it. It’s now also possible to get great energy-saving LED candle bulbs for your chandeliers. However, as the chandelier trend is going away among young couples, and more people prefer simplicity in their bedroom ceiling light designs, you can use led flush mount lights instead for more of a clean and fresh look in your bedroom, with cool white color for a better overall performance.

Bedside Lamps

Lamps are also an indispensable lighting fixture in the bedroom. When buying bedside lamps, it’s important to check out how easy it is to turn your lamp on and off from the bed. 

It can be extremely annoying when turning off the lamp from the bed is difficult if the controls are located halfway down the cord and fall behind the bedside table when you’re already lying on the bed. Also, it would be best if you can avoid direct glare from the light bulbs over your bedframe, consider installing them on the sides, not directly over.

Soft light from the side is much more comfortable than direct light from the top. You should be able to adjust the angle of the bedside lights to suit your personal taste and also to make sure it doesn’t shine in your partner’s eyes when they are dozing off. 

Make Your Lighting Useful

When planning the perfect lighting for your bedroom, it’s nice to plan and add some automation lighting as they can be really convenient and indeed useful without you touching a thing. At the same time, they can also be energy-friendly as they can turn off or dim your lights automatically and reduce your large electricity bills.

Dimmable Lights

You might consider having dimmable downlights, which work perfectly for both the bright light needed for dressing as well as being able to be turned down for a more relaxing atmosphere. With the increasing sophistication of LED lights, which now come in warm tones that match the more old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, you can get the benefits of energy-saving and avoid your bedroom looking like a retail outlet. 

Instead of adding a relaxing atmosphere, dimming lights can be helpful when you are watching TV in bed, so you don’t get their glow reflected on the TV screen.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion sensor lights are also one of the good-to-have lighting options in your bedroom.

Normally, with a motion sensor wall switch, all your normal ceiling lights can now operate as a motion sensor light instantly. The motion sensor light switch is compatible with nearly all types of light bulbs such as LED, incandescent and CFL bulbs. 

Rayzeek RZ021-5A-G
Motion Sensor Light Switch

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor

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  • 110v~277v Commercial Grade
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With a vacancy sensor switch, the lighting won’t turn on unless you touch the light switch manually to avoid the light accidently lighting up in the middle of the night, and it will automatically turn off after a few minutes if the sensor cannot detect any motion in the detection area.

Additionally, some other common lights used in the bedroom can be connected with a motion sensor as well, such as night lights and strip lights. And they are getting preferred by homeowners increasingly. With the enhanced motion detection feature, you don’t have to leave the night light or the decorating light strips the whole night for easy navigation and proper illumination for safety.

Motion Activated LED Strip Light

Cool White/Warm White

  • 2.5M/6M Available
  • DC 12V, Safe to Children, Efficiency Level V
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With the help of a PIR motion sensor and a photocell, the motion-activated night light will stay off at night and only turn on when detecting your presence. You can also place the motion sensor light strips below your bed to act as a night light, with more of a decorative atmosphere.

Creating Ambiance

Wall sconces and table lamps are a great way to create soft pools of light that create a relaxing ambiance, but you should avoid lampshades and overly opaque lights. They may make a wonderful fashion statement during the day, but if they severely dim the light at night, they can end up making a room look gloomy and even spooky, especially if it’s a larger room with dark corners. When buying a table lamp, make sure the shade has a nice diffused glow and creates a warm ambiance.

A Good Mixture

The perfect lighting for your bedroom requires a good mixture of every fixture in the room. The lights from the bedside can create warmth with shades that are bright enough, making this a welcoming rather than constricting space. Also, good lighting casts light from both outwards and up onto the eave that opens the area up. 

The lighting could be very warm and creates a relaxing atmosphere: a mirror on the dressing table can reflect the plant, a beautiful opulent chandelier in keeping with the decor, and wall lights are used to illuminate the pictures on the wall, which adds to the vintage feel of the room. 

All this comes from using a good number of lower lumens bulbs and mixing them up properly, instead of using only a very bright bulb without layering the light, which helps create the optimal overall effect.

Finally, if you want to have a bedroom that is perfect for you, it’s important to have the right lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. With the help of these tips, you can easily make your bedroom look beautiful and cozy while being indeed practical and energy-friendly.

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