What is Puck Light

Horace He

Last Updated: September 18, 2023

What is Puck Light

A puck light is a compact and versatile lighting fixture that is commonly used for under cabinet lighting. It is named after its resemblance to a hockey puck, with a round or oval shape. Puck lights are typically mounted onto the underside of cabinets, providing focused illumination for specific areas or objects.

These lights are available in various intensities, allowing users to choose the desired level of brightness. Additionally, there are options for dimmable puck lights, which can be particularly useful for creating a cozy ambiance during nighttime use. Puck lights can be powered either by batteries or by plugging them into an electrical outlet, offering flexibility in installation.

Traditionally, puck lights have utilized halogen or xenon bulbs, providing approximately 20W worth of light. Some models operate on 120V AC directly, while others require a transformer to convert the voltage to 12V. It is worth noting that transformers for 12V puck lights can be bulky and may need to be concealed under the cabinet.

In recent years, LED puck lights have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency and comparable performance to halogen and xenon lights. LED puck lights operate on low voltage DC and require a power supply to convert the line voltage. This power supply can be hidden within the cabinet or in the form of a “wall-wart” that plugs directly into an electrical outlet.

LED puck lights can be battery operated, eliminating the need for electrical wires and simplifying the installation process. This also results in a cleaner and more streamlined appearance.

In terms of lighting effect, puck lights create a spotlight-like illumination, with a directed beam that casts a roughly triangular shape immediately under each puck light. The spacing and quantity of puck lights are important considerations, as the areas directly below the lights will be brighter, while the areas in between may have less illumination. Generally, it is recommended to have approximately 1-2 feet between puck lights, although closer spacing may be necessary if the distance between cabinets and the kitchen counter is shorter.

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