What is Prescriptive Rebate

Horace He

Last Updated: August 7, 2023

What is Prescriptive Rebate

A Prescriptive Rebate is a type of incentive program offered by utilities in the lighting industry. It provides financial benefits to customers who make energy-efficient lighting upgrades based on specific guidelines and predetermined amounts. The program aims to encourage the adoption of high-efficiency equipment by covering a portion of the incremental cost associated with the installation of these measures.

Under a Prescriptive Rebate program, utilities have established criteria for eligible lighting upgrades, such as the use of energy-efficient products or meeting certain energy savings targets. Customers must adhere to these guidelines to qualify for the rebate. In some cases, the utility may require pre-approval of the estimated rebate amount and conduct a post-installation inspection before awarding the funds.

Unlike customized rebate programs, which are tailored to individual project needs, Prescriptive Rebates follow predetermined criteria. This simplifies the application process for customers, as they can easily determine if their lighting upgrades meet the program requirements. Additionally, these programs are often accessible directly to end-users, such as customers, contractors, or lighting distributors.

The specific eligibility requirements and equipment covered under a Prescriptive Rebate program may vary. Customers should consult the program guidelines or contact the relevant utility or authority for detailed information on the criteria and equipment covered by the program.