What is Light Switch

Horace He

Last Updated: October 16, 2023

What is Light Switch

A light switch is a device that controls the flow of electrical current to a light fixture. It serves as a mechanism for turning the light on or off. Light switches are typically installed on walls and connected to the hot wires of the circuit.

The most common type is the single-pole switch, which consists of two terminals. This switch is used for simple on/off control of a light fixture and is commonly found in households.

Another type is the three-way switch, which has three terminals and allows control of a light from two different switch locations. This is useful, for example, in controlling a light fixture from both the top and bottom of a stairwell or from either end of a hallway.

The four-way switch has four terminals and is used in conjunction with multiple three-way switches to control a light fixture from three or more switch locations. This type of switch is often used in larger rooms with multiple entrances.

Dimmer switches are designed to control the intensity of the light. They allow users to adjust the brightness of the light fixture according to their preference. It is important to note that for certain devices like fans or fluorescent lights, special switches rated for those specific devices should be used.

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