What is E26 Bulb

Horace He

Last Updated: August 28, 2023

What is E26 Bulb

An E26 bulb, also known as a Medium Edison Screw (MES), is a type of light bulb commonly used in the lighting industry. The term “E26” refers to the base size of the bulb, specifically the diameter of the screw thread, which measures 26mm. This screw-in bulb is designed to fit into standard sockets and is characterized by its medium base.

E26 bulbs come in various shapes, sizes, and types, including options such as globe, A-shape, reflector, spiral, and more. The base type of an E26 bulb is E26, indicating the medium screw base. This allows for both electrical and mechanical contact, making it compatible with a wide range of fixtures.

In terms of energy efficiency, there are Energy Star certified options available for E26 bulbs, indicating that they meet certain energy efficiency standards. The light output of an E26 bulb can vary depending on the shape and type of the bulb, offering different levels of brightness.

E26 bulbs are widely used in both residential and commercial settings for general lighting purposes. They are suitable for applications such as homes, offices, retail spaces, and more, due to their versatility and compatibility with standard sockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wattage Is an E26 Bulb

The wattage of an E26 bulb is 100 Watts. This information can be found on the Home Depot website under the LED Light Bulbs section.

Does a E26 Bulb Fit in a Regular Socket

E26 and E27 lamp bases are commonly interchangeable, allowing for the physical insertion of an E26 bulb into an E27 socket and vice versa.

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