What is Post Light

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Last Updated: September 18, 2023

What is Post Light

A post light is an outdoor lighting fixture designed to be mounted on a post or pole. These fixtures are commonly used to provide illumination in outdoor spaces such as driveways, pathways, gardens, and yards. Post lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from traditional to modern designs, and can be made of materials like metal, glass, or plastic.

Post lights enhance the curb appeal of a home while also providing security lighting to the surrounding area. They can add a decorative element to the exterior of a house and complement its architectural style. The choice of post light design and finish should be carefully considered to ensure it harmonizes with the overall aesthetic of the home’s facade.

In addition, solar post lights are available that are powered by solar energy, making them easier to install compared to traditional wired post lights as they do not require electrical wiring. Solar post lights are cost-effective, as they do not add to electricity bills, and they still provide ample outdoor illumination. Fence post lights are similar to traditional post lights but are specifically designed to be installed on fence posts. They can help illuminate the perimeter of a property and enhance its security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Do I Need to Light the Front of My House

How bright should the lights at the front of my house be? In order to adequately illuminate the entryway, it is recommended to use lights with a brightness of around 200 to 500 lumens, which is equivalent to incandescent wattages of 25 to 40 watts. If you have multiple fixtures, it is advisable to aim for approximately 200 lumens per fixture.

Should You Leave Your Porch Light on at Night

While you are at home during the night, it is advisable to keep your porch light illuminated. However, once you are prepared to retire for the evening, it is important to remember to switch off the porch light. It is recommended to treat the porch light in the same manner as any other room in your house.

What Is the Purpose of Light Posts

Lighting poles serve the purpose of enhancing security and safety for both drivers on the road and pedestrians in the vicinity. By being strategically spaced, they effectively eliminate areas of darkness and help individuals identify potential obstacles such as trees, shrubs, or larger structures.

Where Should Post Lights Be Placed

The post should be securely placed approximately 1 1/2-2′ below the ground level. Additionally, the light fixture should be ¼ the height of the visible pole, while the exposed pole itself should measure between 5 1/2-6 1/2′ in height. It is important to ensure that the post light is positioned at least one foot away from your driveway or sidewalk to facilitate convenient plowing and shoveling.

What Is Post Top Light

Post top lighting refers to the outdoor lighting that is typically installed on poles and found in various locations such as roadways, pathways, parking lots, and commercial and educational campuses.

What Is a Post Side Light

Post Lighting is a type of lighting that is typically mounted on the sides of posts. Its purpose is to illuminate the surrounding area.

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