What is Frequency

Horace He

Last Updated: October 16, 2023

What is Frequency

In lighting, frequency is the rate at which a light wave oscillates or cycles per second. It is a fundamental characteristic used to describe different types of light within the electromagnetic spectrum. Measured in hertz (Hz), frequency represents the number of wave repetitions that occur in a given time period. The relationship between frequency and wavelength is inverse, meaning that a smaller wavelength corresponds to a higher frequency, while a larger wavelength corresponds to a lower frequency. This relationship is essential for understanding the behavior and properties of light.

Frequency is directly related to the energy of light. Higher frequencies correspond to higher energy, while lower frequencies correspond to lower energy. This relationship aligns with the understanding that shorter wavelengths (higher frequency) are associated with higher energy light, such as ultraviolet or X-rays, while longer wavelengths (lower frequency) are associated with lower energy light, such as infrared or radio waves.

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