What is Cornice Lighting

Horace He

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

What is Cornice Lighting

Cornice lighting, also known as soffit lighting, is a method of concealing the light source behind a dropped cornice from the edge of the ceiling. It involves the installation of lights into a cornice trough, which directs light downwards and washes the wall with illumination. The light source or light fixture is shielded by a panel that is parallel to the wall and attached to the ceiling. This type of lighting is commonly achieved using low-energy LED strip lights or LED aluminum profiles.

Cornice lighting serves both a functional and decorative purpose. It provides directional upward lighting onto and across the ceiling, creating a unique and ambient mood in a room. The lights can be directed upwards to highlight the ceiling or reversed to provide a downward lighting effect, emphasizing aspects of a wall or feature. It is a popular choice for adding visual interest and enhancing the overall ambiance of a space.

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