What is Bayonet Cap

Horace He

Last Updated: September 11, 2023

What is Bayonet Cap

Bayonet Cap, also known as BC, is a type of lamp base. It is named after its design, which resembles a bayonet fitting. The Bayonet Cap features a 22mm diameter (B22d) and is characterized by a twist and lock mechanism. This mechanism involves two pins on the bulb that retract and then expand into slots inside the fitting when twisted, ensuring a secure connection.

The Bayonet Cap is distinguished from the Edison Screw (ES) fitting, which uses a screw thread instead of pins. It is important to note that the Bayonet Cap is the most commonly used bulb base in the UK. Additionally, there are smaller sizes available, known as Small Bayonet Cap (SBC), with a diameter of 15mm (B15d).

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