What is Wall Grazing

Horace He

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

What is Wall Grazing

Wall Grazing is a lighting technique used to enhance the texture and architectural features of a wall. It involves strategically placing lights in close proximity to the wall surface, typically within a maximum distance of 12 inches. By positioning the lights at a narrow angle, the technique creates shadows that draw attention to the wall’s unique characteristics.

Wall Grazing accentuates the texture, color, and depth of the wall by utilizing the interplay of light and shadow. This technique is the opposite of wall washing, which aims to uniformly illuminate a wall without creating shadows. Instead, Wall Grazing embraces the shadows and uses them to add visual interest and depth to the wall.

By adjusting the distance between the lights and the wall, the intensity and softness of the shadows can be controlled. This allows for customization and flexibility in achieving the desired lighting effect. Wall Grazing is particularly effective on walls made of textured materials such as brick, stone, or draperies, as it brings out the unique patterns and details of these surfaces.

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