What is Valance Lighting

Horace He

Last Updated: September 17, 2023

What is Valance Lighting

Valance lighting is a type of architectural lighting that involves the use of light sources concealed behind a horizontal shield, typically positioned at the top of a window or along a wall. This method of lighting is designed to distribute light both upwards and downwards, creating a soft and indirect illumination.

Valance lighting is able to reduce glare and shadows, making it a preferred choice for many lighting professionals. By reflecting light off surfaces such as walls and ceilings, valance lighting provides a more balanced and ambient illumination, enhancing the overall visual comfort in a space.

Valance lighting is commonly used in various settings, including residential and commercial spaces. It is often employed to provide general illumination, highlight architectural features, or create a specific mood or ambiance. Additionally, valance lighting can be utilized for wall washing, where the light is directed to wash over a vertical surface, adding depth and visual interest to the space.

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