What is T10 Bulb

Horace He

Last Updated: September 18, 2023

What is T10 Bulb

A T10 bulb, also known as a mini wedge bulb, is a commonly used lighting component in the automotive industry. It is the most prevalent type of bulb found in cars and trucks, and it serves various lighting purposes such as glove boxes, dome lights, map lights, door lights, cargo lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights. T10 bulbs are slightly larger than T5 bulbs, which are the smallest variant of mini wedge bulbs. They are available in different sizes and wattages, with the wattage determining the brightness level of the bulb.

T10 bulbs is notable for their compatibility with LED technology. LED bulbs are often used as replacements for T10 bulbs due to their energy efficiency and lower heat generation. This makes them a popular choice for upgrading vehicle lighting systems. It is important to differentiate between T10 and T5 bulbs when working on a vehicle, as their sizes and applications vary. Additionally, there is another type of mini wedge bulb called T15, which is larger in size and typically used in areas that require more space, such as cargo lights and reverse lights. While T10 bulbs can be used as substitutes for T15 bulbs in certain situations, it is recommended to use the appropriate size bulb for optimal performance.

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