What is PAR

Horace He

Last Updated: December 26, 2023

What is PAR

PAR in lighting stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It is the range of light wavelengths between 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) that are most effective at driving photosynthesis in plants. This range includes red, blue, and green light, which are essential for plant growth and development. PAR light is crucial as it provides the energy needed for photosynthesis.

In the lighting industry, especially in horticulture and indoor gardening, the term PAR is commonly used to describe the specific range of light that is beneficial for plants. PAR light is measured using PAR meters or spectrometers, which quantify the intensity of light within the 400-700nm range.

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While red and blue light are often emphasized in grow lights, green light also plays a significant role in driving photosynthesis. Green light not only contributes to improved canopy penetration but also aids in organic pest control.

To ensure optimal plant growth, it is recommended to use a light source that provides a broad spectrum of light, including red, blue, and green wavelengths. This allows plants to receive the full range of Photosynthetically Active Radiation necessary for their development.

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