What is Optical System

Horace He

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

What is Optical System

An optical system in the lighting industry refers to a collection of components that are used to collect, focus, and manipulate light. These components can include lenses, mirrors, and other optical elements. The optical system plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the beam produced and the efficiency of light collection.

The optical system encompasses various types of lenses and mirrors, each with their own characteristics and limitations. The F/# ratio, which describes the relationship between the aperture and the distance to the focus, is an important factor in determining the light collection efficiency. It is worth noting that the F/# based on the diameter of the circle with an area equal to that of the mirror is more meaningful than the F/# based on the diagonal when considering light collection efficiency.

The quality of the output beam and the specific application are key factors in determining the effectiveness of the collected light. Low F/# lenses may collect more flux, but they also result in increased lens aberrations, leading to an imperfect beam. Therefore, even though more light is collected, the output beam may not be efficiently refocused.

To address the issue of lens aberrations and improve the quality of the output beam, various techniques and components are employed. For example, Aspherabs™ are designed to reduce aberrations, while doublet lenses are used to reduce aberration in F/1 condensers. Additionally, the choice of material for condensing lenses is important for spectral transmittance, with selected UV grade synthetic silica offering the best ultraviolet transmittance.

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