What is IC Rated Light

Horace He

Last Updated: August 28, 2023

What is IC Rated Light

An IC rated light, also known as an Insulation Contact rated light, is a type of recessed lighting fixture specifically designed for installation in ceilings that are insulated. These fixtures are engineered to be in direct contact with insulation materials without posing a fire hazard. The “IC” in IC rated stands for Insulation Contact, indicating that these lights are safe to come into direct contact with insulation.

IC rated lights are known for their ability to handle a specific wattage limit. IC rated lights are typically rated for a maximum wattage of 75 watts, although some models can handle up to 100 watts. Adhering to the specified wattage limit is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the lighting fixture. To prevent overheating and potential fires, IC rated lighting fixtures often employ a “double-can” or “can within a can” design. This means that there are two metal cans installed, with the outer can in direct contact with the insulation. The inner can remains cool enough to control the heat generated by the lighting fixture, reducing the risk of fires caused by overheating.

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