What is Ellipsoidal Reflector Lamp (Er Lamp)

Horace He

Last Updated: August 1, 2023

What is Ellipsoidal Reflector Lamp (Er Lamp)

An Ellipsoidal Reflector Lamp (Er Lamp) is a type of lamp specifically designed for use in ellipsoidal reflector spotlights (ERS). These spotlights are focusable luminaires that produce a narrow beam with sharp edges, making them ideal for highlighting specific areas on a stage or in other lighting applications.

ER lamps are an integral component of ERS fixtures, fitting snugly into the housing to provide the necessary light source. One notable feature of ER lamps is their ability to accept slide-in gobos, which are thin metal or glass plates with cut-out patterns. By inserting gobos into the fixture, lighting designers can project specific shapes or patterns onto the stage or other surfaces, adding versatility and visual effects to the lighting design.

ER lamps are also known for their efficiency and control. The elliptical shape of the lamp’s reflector helps shape and direct the light beam, allowing for precise illumination of desired areas or objects. This controlled lighting is particularly useful in front-of-house positions, where the ER spotlight can accentuate features and create captivating visual effects.

It is worth noting that in the United States, an ERS is often referred to as a “Leko,” which is a brand name of a fixture created by Strand Lighting. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the ERS is also known as a “profile spot” due to its ability to shape the beam to the profile of an object.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are ERS Lights Used For

An ERS light, also known as an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, is a versatile lighting fixture that can be adjusted to produce a concentrated beam of light with defined edges. It is commonly used in theatrical productions to emphasize specific areas of the stage, particularly where the main action occurs.

What Is an ERS LED Light

The ERS LED light is a cost-effective alternative to outdated 400 watt metal halide lights commonly used in industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, and gymnasiums. It offers an impressive efficiency of 220 lumens per watt and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, resulting in substantial energy savings and reduced expenses.

What Is Unique About an Ellipsoidal Reflector

Ellipsoidal reflectors are distinguished by their possession of two conjugate foci. The light emitted from one focus is redirected towards the other focus after reflection. This unique design allows ellipsoids to capture a significantly greater proportion of emitted light compared to spherical mirrors or conventional lens systems.

How Does an Ellipsoidal Light Work

The ellipsoidal light utilizes a reflector in the shape of an ellipsoid, which is a flattened sphere at the poles. The light source is positioned at one of the foci of the ellipsoid, and the reflector is employed to concentrate the light beam onto a designated area or object.

Why Do We Need an Emergency Lamp

Emergency lighting is essential in hazardous situations, as it allows for the safe, quick, and effective evacuation of spaces and buildings. This is crucial not only during power outages but also when sunlight and mains lighting are still accessible.

What Is the Difference Between the ERS Reflector &Amp; The Fresnel Reflector

Fresnel reflectors are typically more compact and lightweight compared to ERS reflectors. They have the ability to adjust the beam width by moving the lamp closer or further away from the lens. In fact, their widest beams are wider than those produced by all but the widest ERS reflectors.