What is Direct-Indirect

Horace He

Last Updated: September 24, 2023

What is Direct-Indirect

Direct-Indirect is a lighting technique that combines both direct and indirect lighting sources to create a balanced and visually appealing illumination in a space. Direct lighting focuses the light onto a specific object or area, while indirect lighting spreads the light over a larger area by reflecting it off surfaces such as ceilings and walls.

By utilizing both direct and indirect lighting, designers can achieve a more dynamic and layered lighting scheme that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. Direct-Indirect fixtures are designed to provide a combination of these lighting effects, allowing for the directed illumination of specific objects or areas while also casting light upwards towards the ceiling and walls, creating a soft and diffused illumination throughout the space.

This technique not only provides functional illumination but also enhances the overall ambiance of a room. The equal distribution of light creates a comfortable glow and can help create a visually pleasing environment. Direct-Indirect lighting is commonly used in various settings, including residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, where a combination of focused task-oriented lighting and a more diffused and inviting illumination is desired.

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