What is Chips on Board (COB) LED Module

Horace He

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

What is Chips on Board (COB) LED Module

A Chips on Board (COB) LED Module is a technology that involves packaging multiple LED chips together as a single lighting module. This innovative packaging method addresses common issues associated with traditional LED lighting, such as uncomfortable glare and zebra strips. Unlike traditional LEDs, which can be super bright in a small size, COB LED modules offer a more uniform and diffused light output.

The COB LED technology utilizes a direct bonding technique, where the LED chips are mounted closely together on a substrate or circuit board. This compact arrangement creates a lighting panel-like appearance when the module is illuminated. By eliminating the need for individual LED packages and lenses, COB LED modules minimize light loss and provide a more efficient distribution of light.

In addition to reducing glare and zebra strips, COB LED modules offer several advantages. They can achieve a higher lumen output per square inch due to the increased number of light sources packed into a smaller area. This makes COB LED modules suitable for applications that require higher output general lighting, such as high-bay lighting, street lights, and high-output track lights and downlights.

Furthermore, COB LED modules have a simplified design with a single circuit and two contacts for the entire chip, reducing the number of components required and improving heat dissipation. The ceramic or aluminum substrate acts as a more efficient heat transfer medium when coupled with an external heatsink, resulting in lower operating temperatures and increased efficiency.

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