What is Broad Lighting

Horace He

Last Updated: October 16, 2023

What is Broad Lighting

Broad lighting is a lighting technique commonly used in the photography industry, specifically in portrait photography. It involves positioning the main light source in such a way that it illuminates the side of the subject’s face that is facing the camera. This results in a well-lit, more prominent appearance of the facial features that are directly visible to the camera. The term “broad lighting” is derived from the practice of illuminating the broad side of the face.

Broad lighting creates a wider or more balanced facial appearance, particularly for subjects with narrower faces. By emphasizing the broad side of the face, broad lighting can visually widen the subject’s face, creating a more symmetrical look. The individual characteristics of the subject and the desired outcome should be considered, as broad lighting may accentuate certain facial features, such as a wider nose or a prominent jawline.

Broad lighting can also be utilized in other areas of the lighting industry. For example, in stage lighting, broad lighting can be employed to illuminate a larger area of the stage or to create a more evenly lit backdrop. The concept of broad lighting can also be extended to other forms of lighting, such as architectural lighting, where the emphasis is on illuminating a broader area rather than specific focal points.

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