What is C7 Bulb

Horace He

Last Updated: August 1, 2023

What is C7 Bulb

A C7 bulb is a type of light bulb particularly for outdoor holiday decorations and string lights. It is slightly larger than a C6 bulb, measuring approximately 7/8 of an inch in diameter. C7 bulbs are known for their versatility and are often used to provide a more intense and brighter light compared to smaller bulbs.

These bulbs are available in both incandescent and LED options, with LED bulbs being more energy-efficient. Incandescent C7 bulbs typically burn at around 5 watts per bulb, indicating their power consumption. However, it is worth noting that there are newer and brighter options available in the market that use 7 watt incandescent bulbs. LED C7 bulbs, on the other hand, use significantly less electricity, approximately 90% less, compared to incandescent bulbs.

C7 bulbs are commonly used for various outdoor applications, such as outlining roofs, stringing on pergolas, and decorating outdoor trees. They can also be used to create a high-end look in residential settings, adding a touch of elegance to gardens, gazebos, and other outdoor spaces. In commercial settings, C7 bulbs are often chosen for larger scale decorations in malls, stores, and outdoor Christmas trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many C9 Bulbs Can Be on One Outlet

Our recommended maximum number of traditional incandescent C7 and C9 bulbs for each style is 200 bulbs, particularly if the bulbs are spaced 12 inches apart.

Which Is Better C7 or C9

The size is the primary distinction between C7 and C9 lights. C7 lights are smaller and more fragile, whereas C9 lights are larger and sturdier. Additionally, due to their smaller size, C7 lights consume less energy compared to C9 lights. Furthermore, C7 bulbs have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Which Is Brighter C6 or C9

The C6 strawberry light, although smaller in size compared to the traditional C9 Christmas light, is still quite bright. It consumes 99% less energy and is a great option for those looking for a smaller, yet still bright, Christmas light.