What is Mili-Candela (MCD)

Horace He

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

What is Mili-Candela (MCD)

Mili-candela, abbreviated as MCD, is a unit of measurement utilized in the lighting industry to quantify luminous intensity. It serves as a smaller unit in comparison to the base unit of luminous intensity, which is the candela (cd). In terms of conversion, 1 MCD is equivalent to 0.001 candela, signifying that millicandelas are one thousandth of a candela.

Luminous intensity, measured in MCD, denotes the brightness of a light source. It is a crucial factor in determining the visibility and impact of an LED or any other light-emitting device. For instance, an LED with a luminous intensity of 200 MCD is capable of capturing attention without reaching the brightness level of a flashlight. Therefore, MCD serves as a standard unit for assessing the intensity of a light source, providing valuable insights for various lighting applications.

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