DC Sensor/Dimmer BS010


The BS010 is a low voltage DC5-25V occupancy sensor switch which uses advanced passive infrared sensor(PIR) and MCU control. It can automatically turn lights on by detecting heat emitted from the motion, and turn off automatically if no movement is detected. Widely applied on the Motion-activated lighting, LED strips Security System, automatic sensory device and more.

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Dimmer BS010

PIR motion sensor is a pyroelectric device that can detect human movement by detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body. The BS010 dc sensor/dimmer work under 5~25V DC and outputs the same voltage. It is high sensitivity and easy to install. They are widely used on motion-activated lighting, led strips, security systems, automatic sensory devices, and more.
rayzeek bs010 dc sensor, dimmer
rayzeek bs010 dc sensor dimmer size

Features & Specifications

  • Low voltage DC5V-25V PIR sensor switch.
  • Use fireproof material, high security.
  • Easy to install and suitable for LED strips.
  • Time delay adjustable.
  • Energy saving performance and long operating life
  • CE, RoHS, FCC approved


Output voltage DC5V-25V
Delay time Default 15s(2~500 Seconds adjustable)
Light sensor NO
Detecting range ≤ 110 degrees cone angle, 5M-7M(10CM-7M adjustable)
Trigger way continuous triggering
Size 48*25*14 mm
us rz021 occupancy sensor c2a
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