Ceiling Mount Line Voltage Occupancy Motion Sensor


Rayzeek RZ036-10A commercial grade ceiling mount occupancy sensor incorporates PIR(passive infrared) motion sensor with advanced microprocessors that provides utmost detecting performance and amazing sensitivity to small motions. The motion detector is designed to be mounted on the ceiling between 8′ to 12′ high(2.6~3.5m) in small to medium sized rooms.

The 360-degree detection coverage pattern provides unmatched, reliable performance, covering up to 1600 sq ft. The sleek and low-profile design can fit every home and office decoration style and it’s super easy to adjust time delay, light sensor and sensitivity with the built-in touch buttons. The motion sensor is very durable that can offer a maintenance-free, install, set-and-forget operation.

The wired, line voltage powered RZ036 occupancy sensor is an ideal automatic lighting control with no power pack needed while helping you save energy and add convenience to your workflow. The occupancy sensor switch automatically turns on the light when the motion sensor detects a movement or your presence, remains on as long as the room is occupant, and auto turns off when the room is vacant.

Rayzeek RZ036 occupancy sensor is also perfect for high load applications like controlling multiple lights and HVAC like fans and air conditioners with its 10A high current rating. This makes the Rayzeek occupancy sensor ideal for spaces and applications such as open and private offices, classrooms, large bathrooms, bathrooms, conference rooms, and more.

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Product highlights

  • Line voltage, 10A current rating
  • Neutral required.
  • Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, PIR motion sensor

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Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

Ceiling mount occupancy sensor, also referred to as a ceiling mount motion sensor or motion detector, is an ideal automatic lighting control that detects the presence of people and can turn lights on and stay on as long as the space is being occupied. If no motion is detected after the user-specified time delay, the light turns off to save energy and create a sustainable work environment.

RZ036 occupancy sensor utilizes PIR(passive infrared) technology with advanced microcontrollers to offer superior motion detection sensitivity for small motions. It offers an unmatched 10A current rating for high load applications such as multiple lights, air conditioners, fans to automate areas like classrooms, meeting rooms, public lobbies and storage areas.

rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor side
rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor with cover

Low Profile Sleek Design

Rayzeek RZ036 ceiling mounted occupancy sensor has a low profile, compact, sleek design in a universal white housing that can perfectly fit any home and commercial ceiling decoration smoothly. It blends in, quietly detects motion, and will not detract from the style or architecture of the area.

With design for convenience in mind, we have upgraded the adjustment settings from traditional toggle dials to push button design with indicator lights. It does not require a screwdriver anymore and users can now adjust settings with bare hands. Besides, this makes our occupancy sensor looks elegant when it is mounted.

Motion Sensor Adjustment

The RZ036 ceiling mount occupancy sensor incorporates an integral photocell sensor to prevent the light from turning on when there is sufficient ambient natural light, e.g., in the daytime when natural daylight is abundant, to further reduce energy consumption. Users can choose to set the light sensor value from 15LUX, 25 LUX, 35 LUX, or set it off so the light will turn on anytime when it is activated.

Users can adjust sensor sensitivity/detection range between high and low to suit their demands for best accuracy and prevent false triggerings. And choose a time delay of 15s(for testing), or 30s, 1 , 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes to keep the light on before it automatically turns off when no motion is detected.

rz036 occupancy sensor adjusting
coverage pattern rz036 ceiling occupancy sensor

Sensor Coverage Pattern

Rayzeek RZ036 occupancy sensor utilizes three high sensitive pyroelectric sensors to provide a reliable coverage and detection performance. With a 360-degree field of view and up to 1600 square feet of detection coverage area, the ceiling mount occupancy sensor is ideal for offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and open office areas.

Ceiling mounted motion sensors can help minimize tampering compared to a motion sensor wall switch, making them especially useful in public and open areas. It’s also a great solution where a wall switch replacement is not applicable. Compared to a corner/wall mounted motion sensor with a limited horizontal detection range, the coverage pattern of ceiling sensors that detect downwards can best suit wide open areas without getting affected by obstacles like stalls.

Installation Details

The installation is quite simple. Anchor and mount the sensor on the ceiling with the three screws provided and that’s it. Mount the sensor in the center of the ceiling, directly above the detecting zone, or research the traffic pattern of the space to determine where to detect and place it. Normally, mount the RZ036 occupancy sensor from 8~12 feet(2.5 – 3.5 meters) height for optimal performance. The higher you place, the large area you get. Placing it too high might cause it to lose detecting ability and sensitivity.

The sensor’s 10A current rating ensures reliable compatibility with any load type, such as incandescent lamps, electronic and magnetic ballasts & low-voltage transformers, fans and air conditioners, and security and HVAC systems.

rz036 installation instruction
rz036 ceiling motion sensor wiring diagram

Wiring Diagram

The occupancy sensor is hardwired and line voltage powered that does not require an extra power pack. It requires a hot wire, load wire and neutral wire to function and connect directly to the devices you need to control.

Features, Benefits, Specs

The RZ036 ceiling occupancy sensor is a universal, top notch ceiling mount motion sensor solution optimal for almost every residential and commercial application.

rz036 motion sensor switch manual instruction

Occupancy Sensor Features

  • Advanced PIR technology with one built-in detector for accurate and high sensitivity performance
  • 8′ to 12′ mounting height, 360-degree field of view, up to 1600 sq. ft. coverage area
  • The built-in magnetic latching relay offers better performance than a traditional relay
  • Adjustable time delay setting from 15s(test), 30s, 1min, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins, to 30mins
  • Daylight sensing allows lighting to remain off during daylight. Adjustable light sensor values: 15LUX, 25LUX, 35 LUX or OFF
  • Adjustable low and high sensitivity/detection range settings
  • Green LED indicator, push-button programming
  • Twist-off cover, quick install, line voltage sensor, suitable for new construction and retrofit project
  • FCC, CE, RoHS certified
  • One year warranty

Sensor Specifications

Technical Information





Product Type

Motion Sensor

Sensing Technology

Passive Infrared (PIR)

Sensor Switch Type

Occupancy mode, Occupancy without light sensor mode


15 s, 30s, 1 min(default), 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min

Light Sensor

Off, 15 Lux, 25 Lux (default), 35 Lux

Sensor Sensitivity

Low Sensitivity, High Sensitivity


Green Light


1 year limited


FCC, CE, RoHS certified

Electrical & Wrings

Power Source

110 VAC ~ 265 VAC

Power Frequency

50 / 60Hz

Installation Height

2.6 m ~ 3.5 m

Power Type

Line Voltage




3 wires

Neutral Connection Required



Operating Humidity

< 93%RH

Operating Temperature

-10 ~ +40℃

Environmental Conditions


Detection Capability

Detection Distance

12 m ~ 18 m (<27℃)

Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Coverage Pattern

360°, up to 1600 square feet

Mounting Height

8-11 ft

Bulb Compatibility

Fluorescent / Ballast / LED

1000 W / 220 VAC

Incandescent / Halogen

2200 W / 220 VAC

Versatile Applications

The RZ036 occupancy sensor is the ideal automatic ceiling mounted motion sensor solution for 100V~265V home applications and commercial projects. Perfect for spaces that need to be frequently visited, such as public bathrooms, hallways, garages, open/private offices, breakrooms, stairwells, or corridors.


Auto-ON/Auto-OFF occupancy sensor is the ideal working mode for bathroom usage, especially when you use it at night.


Walk in and walk out of your garage without the need to reach the light switch with an occupancy sensor. Enable daylight sensing to save more energy in the day.

Laundry Room

Say goodbye to reaching the light switch ever again when arm-full with piles of laundry to wash or clean clothes.


Place an occupancy sensor switch at the entrance and enjoy the automatic lighting while cooking and preparing food.


Occupancy/vacancy sensor switches can reduce the hours of lighting use by approximately 53% on dark hallways in your basement.


Occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by 39% and increase energy-saving up to 17% with a 20-minute time delay for break rooms.

Private Office

Rayzeek occupancy vacancy motion sensor switches provide max flexibility for office use cases. Your office, your call.

Conference Room

Vacancy switch with manual override feature is perfect for applications like conference rooms where it’s not frequently used and requires manual turn on.


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RZ036 Installation

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RZ036 User Guide


rz021 occupancy vacanccy sensor switch residential appliction

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Occupancy Sensor FAQs

A motion sensor detects a moving object. An occupancy or vacancy sensor is a kind of motion sensor that specifically detect whether the room is occupied or unoccupied(vacant). You may see ceiling motion sensor or ceiling occupancy sensor refers to the same sensor.

An occupancy sensor detects people’s presence when they enter and leave the room and automatically controls the light. It automatically turns on the light upon the detection of motion and turns off automatically after the room is vacant and no motion is detected. An occupancy sensor is also an auto-on, auto-off sensor. Ceiling motion sensors are mostly occupancy sensors, a fully automatic lighting control.

An occupancy sensor that automatically turns lighting off within 30 minutes is often installed in classrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, storage rooms, printing rooms, private offices, restrooms, dressing rooms, and storage rooms.

A vacancy sensor requires the user to manually turn on the light using a switch, and then the vacancy sensor automatically turns off the light after the room is vacant and no motion is detected. A vacancy sensor is also a manual-on, auto-off sensor. Vacancy sensor is mostly seen used on wall switches, also known as a motion sensor light switch, or vacancy sensor switch.

A vacancy sensor is often installed to control lights in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.

The occupancy sensor fully automatically turns on/off the light, while the vacancy sensor requires users to manually turn on the light and it will automatically turn off the light.

Many occupancy sensors provide both working modes that allow users to select either occupancy or vacancy mode, which is usually seen on a motion sensor wall switch. Ceiling-mounted detectors are mostly occupancy sensors.

PIR occupancy sensors or vacancy sensors utilize passive infrared(PIR) technology for detecting motions. The PIR motion sensor passively detects the heat (infrared) emitted by human bodies in motion. When a warm body walks across the motion sensor, it can detect the difference in heat, register a valid signal, and turn on the light. When the PIR motion sensor cannot detect the difference in the received heat signals, it will think there are no moving objects and thus turn off the light.

There are also other technologies like ultrasonic and microwave occupancy sensors that detect motion by actively sending out detecting signals and comparing the differences in the received signals. There are also dual technology occupancy sensors that use both a PIR motion sensor and an ultrasonic motion sensor to detect motion more accurately.

Most ceiling mount occupancy sensors are PIR motion sensors and the best advantage of PIR technology is that they are very durable, highly energy efficient, and can have a clear field of view from the ceiling. And most of the time, they are qualified for the work, cost-effective and maintenance-free.

You cannot turn off an occupancy sensor because the occupancy sensor works automatically and will only turn off the light after the sensor cannot detect a motion after the time delay.

To manually turn off the light controlled by an occupancy sensor, you need to add a wall switch with additional wirings.

Energy code such as ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and Title 24 requires energy conversion and efficiency. These energy codes require occupancy sensors to be used in many residential and commercial spaces. The lighting in these spaces shall be controlled by an occupancy sensor and automatically dims or shut off when lighting is not in used within 20 mins.

Wireless occupancy sensors have batteries. Rayzeek occupancy sensors are all line-voltage powered and do not require batteries.

The Lights Won’t Turn On

Wired Incorrectly

Check if the green indicator flashes or not. If it flashes, check the load wiring or the load function. If not, check if the wiring is the same as the wiring diagram.

Bulbs Blown

Ambient Light is brighter than the selected light sensor value. Check if the bulb still functions or replace it.

Ambient Light Is Brighter Than the Selected Light Sensor Value

Draw the curtain to make the room darker, wave your hand, and check if the light turns on. If it turns on, adjust the light sensor value to 35Lux, or off to see if the light turns on.

Sensor Not Detecting Your Movement

Move closer to the sensor.

Lights Stay On

Time Delay Set Too Long

Adjust the time delay to 15 seconds and check if the light will turn off.

Wired Incorrectly

Check if the wiring is the same as the wiring diagram.

Frequent Changes in Heat Are Being Detected

Aim sensor away from heat sources, heat vent, air condition, pet.

Lights Keep Turning On and off (Cycling)

Wired Incorrectly

Check if the wiring is the same as the wiring diagram.

Changes in Heat Are Being Detected From a Fixed Heat Source

Check the sensing area for a heat source, and reposition the sensor.

Light and Heat are being Reflected Back Onto the Sensor

Alter the aim of the sensor or paint the reflecting surface with a dull finish.

Sudden Temperature Changes Due to Storms or High Winds

Turn the sensor off until the storm passes or install it in a sheltered location.


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