Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, PIR with Light Sensor, Line Voltage, 10A


RZ036-10A is a line voltage passive infrared(PIR) technology ceiling mount motion sensor that is commonly used as an automatic light switch or fan switch for commercial and residential applications. The line voltage ceiling mount motion sensor switch RZ036-5a does not require power packs, they are directly installed and mounted on the ceiling. Rayzeek 036-5A ceiling mounted motion sensors offer detection coverage up to 1600 sq ft. with a 10A high current rating which is capable of controlling multiple lighting fixtures and exhaust fans.

Main Features:

  • Auto-ON/Auto-OFF occupancy mode
  • 360-degree detection coverage up to 1600 sq ft.
  • 100V ~ 265V and 10A current rating for residential and commercial application
  • Time delay, light sensor Lux value and sensitivity adjustment
  • Certification: FCC, RoHS certified

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Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

The RZ036 ceiling mount motion sensor is a passive infrared(PIR) technology motion sensor switch with occupancy mode by default. They are mainly used as the ceiling mounted motion sensor light switch that can automatically turn on the light when detecting presence and turn off the light when the room is vacant to save energy and bring convenience. They are also used as the motion sensor fan switch to automatically control the exhaust fan.

Compared to wall mount motion sensors, ceiling mounted motion sensors can provide a 360 degrees field of view with coverage up to 1600 sq. ft. to detect motion from a broader range.

RZ036 series ceiling mounted motion sensors allow you to adjust time delay from 15s to 30 minutes to meet your actual demand. Additionally, you can adjust light sensor lux value from off, to 35 Lux to keep the light off when there is ample natural light and adjust from low to high sensitivity for the best suits.

The high 5A current rating and 100VAC~265VAC working voltage range allow RZ036 series ceiling mount motion sensor to be competent for every residential and commercial application such as garage, bathrooms, hallways and private/open offices.

rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor side
rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor with cover

Better, in every aspect

Rayzeek strives to push our products to perfection. The RZ036 series ceiling mount motion sensor is better than competitors in every aspect.

With the push-button design for adjusting settings, you won’t have to use a screwdriver to turn the dial as with ordinary ceiling sensors. It’s simply faster and safer.

Our stylish designs make RZ036 series look fresh and sleek than the common bloated and bulky designed ceiling motion sensors. Your ceiling decoration can keep looking slim with RZ036 motion sensors.

Covering a much wider detection up to 14m(45-ft), the RZ036 ceiling motion sensor is capable of multiple applications from home to large commercial buildings.

Features & Specifications

  • Passive infrared PIR technology, suitable for detecting medium to large motions
  • Accurate and high sensitivity with 3 motion detectors.
  • High security motion sensor made from fireproof material
  • Built-in magnetic latching relay offers better performance compared to traditional relay.
  • Adjustable time delay from 15s, 30s, 1mins, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins, 30mins.
  • Light sensor adjustable from OFF, 15 Lux, 25 Lux, 35 Lux
  • Low and high sensitivity adjustable.
  • FCC, CE, RoHS approved, suitable for US and European market.
rz036 motion sensor switch manual instruction


Sensor Mode

Occupancy mode

Occupancy without light sensor mode


15 s, 30s, 1 min(default), 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min

Light Sensor

Off, 15 Lux, 25 Lux (default), 35 Lux

Sensor Sensitivity

Low sensitivity

High sensitivity

Power Source

110 VAC ~ 265 VAC

Power Frequency

50 / 60Hz

Installation Height

2.6 m ~ 3.5 m

Detection Distance

12 m ~ 18 m (<27℃)

Detection Range


Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Fluorescent / Ballast / LED

1000 W / 220 VAC

Incandescent / Halogen

2200 W / 220 VAC

Working Humidity

< 93%RH

Working Temperature

-10 ~ +40℃

motion sensor commercial application

Suitable for tailored projects

The RZ036-10A series motion sensor switch is suitable for diverse tailored projects like open office, private office, meeting room, breakroom, stairwell or corridor.


Motion sensors can reduce the lighting hours of use by approximately 53% in interior hallways.

Lighting automation in hallways where people come and go very frequently is some of the best applications for ceiling-mounted motion light switches.

occupancy sensor application for hallway
occupancy sensor application for conference room

Conference room

Unlike offices, conference rooms or meeting rooms are not used quite often. Vacancy mode is recommended here as it requests to manually turn on the light which can prevent false-on and save more energy.

With the innovative manual on/off feature, you can have the lighting always on the whole meeting without any unwanted false-off.

Save energy with Rayzeek in under 8 minutes.

Remove old switch

3 minute

Connect new switch

5 minute

Enjoy Green lifestyle

us rz021 occupancy sensor c2a
Enjoy smart and hands-free lifestyle with Rayzeek today.
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    The sensor switch works better than I expected, good quality for its price.

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