What is UL Listing

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Last Updated: December 26, 2023

What is UL Listing

UL Listing is a certification mark provided by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent organization that tests and certifies products for safety and performance. In the lighting industry, UL Listing is commonly used to indicate that a lighting fixture or product has undergone thorough testing and meets the specific safety requirements set by UL.

When a product is UL Listed, it means that it has been evaluated and found to comply with the applicable safety standards for fire safety and electrical safety. This certification ensures that the product is safe to be used by consumers in their homes and in places of business.

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The UL Listing mark, denoted by the letters “UL” enclosed in a circle, is typically displayed on the tag or packaging of the lighting fixture. This mark serves as a visual indicator that the product has been tested and certified by UL.

Not all UL markings are the same. There are various UL listing and classification marks that manufacturers can use to indicate different aspects of safety and performance. For example, UL Listed signifies that the lighting fixture has met the safety requirements set by UL, while UL Energy Mark indicates compliance with specific energy efficiency requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Lights Are UL Approved

To identify if a household appliance is UL approved, look for the presence of the UL Mark on the product. Additionally, you should observe the letter “E” followed by a series of four or five digits, which represents the UL File number assigned to that specific product.

Is UL Required by OSHA

OSHA mandates that workplaces adhere to the appropriate UL standards for electrical devices and cables, ensuring that they are listed or certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

Who Is Responsible for UL Certification

A manufacturer is held accountable for meeting all relevant UL certification requirements. As per the applicable UL agreement, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined in the Follow-Up Service Procedure and associated documents.

What Voids a UL Certification

Products that have been found to have misused UL Marks, products that cannot be installed according to the appropriate model installation code, products that do not seem to meet the requirements for investigation and certification, and products that display a fake UL Mark can all void a UL certification.

Is UL Listing Required by NEC

The NEC mandates that all electrical utilization systems must be listed, labeled, identified, or approved as compliant with the safety standards set by various standard writing organizations, including Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and the American National …

What Is the Difference Between UL and Non UL

In essence, the distinction between the UL and non-UL versions of SOOW cable lies in the fact that the UL version has undergone rigorous testing and obtained certification to comply with the safety standards set by UL. Conversely, the non-UL version may not have undergone any testing or may not meet the required safety standards.

Why Is It Important That an Electrical Device Has a UL Listing on It

The presence of a UL Listed seal on an electrical device signifies that the product has undergone thorough testing by UL, ensuring that it meets nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Furthermore, it guarantees that the device is free from any potential risks of fire or electric shock, even in a Division 2 environment.

Is UL Listed Better

When you’re shopping for electrical devices and supplies for your home project, it is important to prioritize UL listing. This certification ensures that the products you purchase are safe, well-designed, and properly manufactured. UL listing indicates that the product has undergone testing and verification to meet the safety standards set by UL.

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