What is Light Trespass

Horace He

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

What is Light Trespass

Light trespass, also known as spill light, is the unintentional or excessive illumination that spills over from one property or lighting system and negatively affects an adjacent property or space. It occurs when light is not properly controlled or directed, leading to issues such as light pollution, glare, reduced visibility, and disturbance to wildlife and human activities.

Light trespass is a significant concern in areas where commercial developments are located near residential or suburban areas. The unwanted or excessive light can disrupt the natural darkness of the night, disturb sleep patterns, and impact the overall quality of life in the affected area. It can also have negative effects on the environment, interfering with the behavior and habitats of nocturnal animals and contributing to light pollution.

To prevent light trespass, consider the principles of good lighting design. This includes selecting appropriate lighting fixtures that have shielding or directional properties to minimize light spillage. Shielding devices, such as louvers or baffles, can be used to control the direction of light and prevent it from spilling into unwanted areas. Additionally, aiming the lighting fixtures carefully and evaluating the lighting system regularly can help minimize light trespass.

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