What is Egress Lighting

Horace He

Last Updated: December 26, 2023

What is Egress Lighting

Egress lighting, also known as exit lighting, is a crucial component in building safety regulations within the lighting industry. It refers to a specialized lighting system designed to facilitate the safe evacuation of a building or structure during emergency situations. Egress lighting includes illuminated exit signs and other wayfinding devices strategically placed to guide individuals along the designated path of egress.

The primary purpose of egress lighting is to ensure that occupants can easily locate and navigate towards the nearest exit, even in low-light or emergency conditions. Unlike emergency lights that are activated only during power outages, egress lighting is required to remain illuminated at all times when a building is occupied and operational.

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Building codes and standards mandate the installation of egress lighting, specifying the minimum level of illumination necessary for egress routes, exits, and other means of egress within a building. These regulations aim to provide sufficient visibility and guidance to facilitate a swift and orderly evacuation, minimizing the risk of injury or panic.

Egress lighting is not uniformly required throughout an entire building but specifically in areas that are part of the designated path of egress. This includes exits, pathways leading to exits, and any other means of egress within the building. The exact requirements for egress lighting may vary depending on the specific building codes and regulations applicable to a particular jurisdiction.

In addition to illuminated exit signs, egress lighting may also include other types of luminaires and fixtures strategically placed to provide adequate illumination along the egress route. These fixtures are designed to ensure a consistent level of illumination, allowing the path to remain visible even in challenging lighting conditions.

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The design and installation of egress lighting systems require careful consideration of factors such as building size, layout, occupancy, and specific code requirements. It is crucial to ensure that the lighting system is properly designed, installed, and maintained to effectively aid in evacuation during emergencies.

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