What is Disability Glare

Horace He

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

What is Disability Glare

Disability glare can significantly impair vision and visual performance, particularly in driving situations. It occurs when there is an excessive amount of light entering the eye, resulting in a decrease in contrast sensitivity and making it difficult to distinguish between objects of different brightness levels. Disability glare can have a particularly pronounced impact on individuals with mild visual impairment, even if their visual acuity is normal.

This type of glare is often experienced during sunny days or when driving at night in the presence of oncoming headlights. The intense brightness of the light source can cause visual discomfort and make it challenging to see clearly, leading to reduced visual performance and potential safety risks. Disability glare differs from discomfort glare, which elicits an instinctive reaction to close the eyes and look away. Disability glare, on the other hand, does not cause immediate discomfort but still impairs vision and makes it difficult to perceive and distinguish objects or details.

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