What is Black Light Blue

Horace He

Last Updated: September 4, 2023

What is Black Light Blue

Black Light Blue, also known as TL-D/08 Blacklight Blue lamps, is a specific type of low-pressure mercury-vapor fluorescent lamp commonly used in the lighting industry. These lamps are designed with an inner envelope that is coated with a fluorescent powder. When the lamp is turned on, it emits long-wave UV radiation, which is utilized to excite luminescence.

The term “Black Light Blue” is derived from the characteristics of these lamps. The “Black Light” part of the term refers to the fact that these lamps emit UV radiation that is not visible to the human eye. The “Blue” part of the term describes the color of the light emitted when the UV radiation excites luminescent materials.

Black Light Blue lamps are particularly useful for the quick detection of UV-reflecting materials, making them valuable in industries such as textiles and chemicals. Additionally, these lamps are commonly utilized in banking and forensic science for various purposes. They are also favored for their ability to create special lighting atmospheres and effects.

In terms of construction, Black Light Blue lamps have a straight outer envelope. This design allows for easy installation and compatibility with various lighting fixtures.

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