Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, PIR with Light Sensor, Line Voltage, 5A


RZ036-5A is a line voltage passive infrared(PIR) technology ceiling mount occupancy sensor that is commonly used as an automatic light switch or fan switch for commercial and residential applications. The line voltage ceiling mount occupancy sensor RZ036-5a does not require power packs, they are directly installed and mounted on the ceiling. Rayzeek 036-5A ceiling mounted occupancy sensors offer detection coverage up to 1600 sq ft. with a 5A high current rating which is capable of controlling multiple lighting fixtures and exhaust fans.

Main Features:

  • Auto-ON/Auto-OFF occupancy mode
  • 360-degree detection coverage up to 1600 sq ft.
  • 100V ~ 265V for residential and commercial application
  • Time delay, light sensor Lux value and sensitivity adjustment
  • Certification: FCC, RoHS certified

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

The RZ036 ceiling mount occupancy sensor, also referred to as a ceiling mount motion sensor or motion detector, utilizes advanced passive infrared(PIR) motion sensor technology to provide our users a better motion detecting performance.

The RZ036-5A model offers a 5A current rating which is adequate for most residential lighting usage, such as hallway lighting or control fans.

ceiling mount occupancy sensor rz036 front detail
rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor setting

Easy Adjustments

Rayzeek design our motion sensors with convenience in mind. Users can effortlessly change the settings with push buttons and indicator lights with bare hands. No screwdriver is required anymore.

Users can adjust sensor sensitivity from high to low, time delay from 30s to 30 mins, and the ambient light value from 15 to 35 LUX or turn it off to let the sensor function in the daytime.

Better In Every Aspect

RZ036 series ceiling mount occupancy sensors provide a 360 degrees field of view with a wide detection coverage, up to 1600 sq. ft, capable of detecting motion from anywhere in the room.

The low profile and sleek design make RZ036 motion sensors smoothly fit in every ceiling, no matter what your home decor is. This occupancy sensor will just silently stay there and provide the best motion-detecting experience.

rz036 ceiling mounted motion sensor side

Features, Benefits, Specs

The RZ036 ceiling occupancy sensor is a universal ceiling mount motion sensor solution optimal for almost every residential and commercial application.

rz036 motion sensor switch manual instruction

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced PIR technology with one built-in detector for accurate and high sensitivity performance.
  • Made of high-security fireproof material.
  • The built-in magnetic latching relay offers better performance compared to a traditional relay.
  • Adjustable time delay setting from 15s, 30s, 1min, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins, to 30mins.
  • Adjustable light sensor value from OFF, 15 Lux, 25 Lux, to 35 Lux
  • Adjustable sensitivity setting(detection range) from low to high.
  • FCC, CE, RoHS certified.



Sensor Mode

Occupancy mode, Occupancy without light sensor mode


15 s, 30s, 1 min(default), 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min

Light Sensor

Off, 15 Lux, 25 Lux (default), 35 Lux

Sensor Sensitivity

Low Sensitivity, High Sensitivity

Working Conditions

Power Source

110 VAC ~ 265 VAC

Power Frequency

50 / 60Hz

Installation Height

2.6 m ~ 3.5 m

Working Humidity

< 93%RH

Working Temperature

-10 ~ +40℃

Detection Capability

Detection Distance

12 m ~ 18 m (<27℃)

Detection Range


Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Bulb Compatibility

Fluorescent / Ballast / LED

500 W / 220 VAC

Incandescent / Halogen

1100 W / 220 VAC

Versatile Applications

The RZ036 is the ideal ceiling-mounted occupancy sensor solution for 100V ~265V home applications and commercial projects. Perfect for frequently visited spaces, such as public bathrooms, hallways, garages, open offices, breakrooms, stairwells, or corridors.


Auto-ON/Auto-OFF occupancy sensor is the ideal working mode for bathroom usage, especially when you use it at night.


Walk in and walk out of your garage without the need to reach the light switch with an occupancy sensor. Enable daylight sensing to save more energy in the day.

Laundry Room

Say goodbye to reaching the light switch ever again when arm-full with piles of laundry to wash or clean clothes.


Place an occupancy sensor switch at the entrance and enjoy the automatic lighting while cooking and preparing food.


Occupancy/vacancy sensor switches can reduce the hours of lighting use by approximately 53% on dark hallways in your basement.


Occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by 39% and increase energy-saving up to 17% with a 20-minute time delay for break rooms.

Private Office

Rayzeek occupancy vacancy motion sensor switches provide max flexibility for office use cases. Your office, your call.

Conference Room

Vacancy switch with manual override feature is perfect for applications like conference rooms where it’s not frequently used and requires manual turn on.


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RZ036 Installation

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RZ036 User Guide


rz021 occupancy vacanccy sensor switch residential appliction

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2 reviews for Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, PIR with Light Sensor, Line Voltage, 5A

  1. Tim.K

    The sensor works great so far on our project.

  2. Rob

    It has a low profile look with style, matches our ceiling decor. Exactly what we need.

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