Rayzeek Occupancy Motion Sensor Light Switch, 10A, US, No Neutral Required


Rayzeek RZ020-10A-G motion sensor light switch incorporates advanced PIR(passive infrared) motion sensor technology that provides precise detecting performance and a photocell light sensor for daylight sensing. The touchless light switch can effectively help users save energy and electricity and add automation by automatically turning ON/OFF the light.

RZ020-10A-G is compatible with both residential and commercial grade applications with its broad 110V-277V voltage range and large 5A current rating for loading multiple fixtures and HVAC. Easily adjust time delay, sensor sensitivity, and sensor working mode by simply pressing two buttons without uncovering the wallplate.

The 3-in-1 design allows the motion sensor switch to be operated as an occupancy sensor switch, vacancy sensor switch, or standard manual light switch. Our exclusive ON/OFF mode provides a convenient manual override to the motion sensor. You can keep the load always ON or always OFF like a regular wall switch. The manual override feature is handy for users who don’t use motion detection frequently or have special requests for permanently keeping the load on or off. And it’s extremely easy to use: Press the small button to enter ON/OFF mode and press the big button to return to the previous motion detection mode.

Motion Sensor Light Switch

Motion sensor light switch, also known as light sensor switch, or occupancy sensor switch, is a motion-activated switch that controls the light automatically for you. The motion sensor switch turns on the light when the built-in motion sensor detects your presence in the room and turns the light off when the room is vacant.

It’s a convenient way to add lighting automation to your home with a hands-free, no-touch lighting experience. Moreover, motionsensor switches help homeowners save energy easily by preventing electricity waste from lights left on.

us rz021 motion sensor dimension instruction

Versatile 3-In-1 Sensor Mode

RZ020 motion sensor light switch utilizes PIR(passive infrared) technology with advanced microcontrollers for superior motion detection sensitivity and performance. RZ020 sensor switch includes three working modes:
  • Occupancy Mode: The light automatically turns on and off by the motion sensor. (Auto-on/Auto-off Mode)
  • Vacancy Mode: Press the button to manually turn on the light and the light automatically turns off. (Manual-on/Auto-off Mode)
  • ON/OFF Mode: Perform exactly like a single pole light switch. You can manually keep the light on or off. (Manual Override Mode)

10 Minute Quick Installation

The RZ020-10A-G series is designed for the US markets for single-pole applications. The 110V-277V voltage range works well in homes and offices and the 10A current rating is competent for daily uses.

RZ020-10A-G is a 3-wire switch and does not require a neutral wire to work.

Wiring Diagram

The RZ020 motion sensor switch is hardwired and line-voltage powered. It requires a hot wire, load wire, and ground wire to function. The wiring is standard and the same as other switches.
  • Connect black L wire with the live wire from the source
  • Connect red L1 wire with the load wire to your light
  • Connect green G wire with the ground wire
*The hotwire and load wire are not interchangeable.

Exclusive ON/OFF Mode

One significant drawback after upgrading to motion-activated light switches is that you partially lose the ability to manually control your lights. It’s not possible to keep the lights ON like you’re used to with the good old wall switch.

The Best Of Both Worlds?

Rayzeek introduces the exclusive ON/OFF mode, allowing users to permanently keep the load ON or OFF the same as a standard light switch. It’s so convenient that users can seamlessly switch between detection mode and manual mode with only one tap. Say goodbye to all these real-life headaches.

Pets Activate the Light at Night

Dogs and cats are active at night and might frequently trigger your motion light to turn on. That’s their nature. While most motion sensor switches do not have pet-immune features, false positives at night can be a real headache.

Select vacancy or OFF mode, especially in laundry rooms or the kitchen where your pets usually play around.

Take a Relaxing Long Bath

On average, people spend at least 8 minutes in the shower. When taking a relaxing bath at night, the light might unexpectedly turn off if the sensor can’t detect your presence in the bathing area. It can be an unpleasant experience that spoils the mood

Enter ON mode to keep the light always ON during the shower. Enjoy your hot and relaxing bath for as long as your like.

Lighting in Your Kids’ Bedroom

A vacancy sensor switch is used in bedrooms to reduce the electricity waste from the lighting left on by forgetful kids. Occupancy sensors aren’t suitable because they might activate the light at night, waking up kids, but it’s still handier in the daytime.

Now you can use occupancy sensor mode in your kid’s bedroom for the whole day. When it’s bedtime, touch the OFF button to keep the light off for the whole night.

Light False on in Empty Spaces

A fixed heat source(HVAC or hot wind) or even mirror reflection may send false positive IR signals that keep the light on when the space is unoccupied. Most of the time, it’s impossible to relocate the sensor’s position or the heat source as they’re fixed.

When the PIR sensor constantly detects signals and is falsely triggered, select OFF Mode to bypass motion detection

False off With People in the Room

Lights might falsely turn off if the sensor fails to detect the presence of people, e.g., the room is large, has obstacles blocking the IR signal, or fine motion activities such as reading or typing. It’s frustrating to repeatedly re-activate lights by moving your body.

When we need to permanently keep the light ON, enter ON mode by tapping the small button and exit without losing previous settings.

Features, Benefits, Specs

The ultimate energy-saving & lighting automation solution – switch from Auto ON/Auto OFF, Manal ON/Auto OFF, and Manal ON/Manual OFF operating mode for your multi-purpose rooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Occupancy, Vacancy, Manual ON/OFF mode 3 in 1
  • Exclusive ON/OFF mode allows the sensor switch to work the same as a standard light switch
  • Time delay options: 15s, 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins
  • Enable ambient light sensor to keep lights off when there is ample natural light
  • Low and high sensitivity adjustable
  • Adjust settings by tapping buttons without removing the switch plate
  • Magnetic latching relay provides better performance
  • Made of fire-resistant materials for your safety
  • RoHS, CE, FCC certified



Sensor Mode

Vacancy mode, Occupancy mode, Manual ON/OFF mode


15 s, 1 min (default), 3 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins

Light Sensor

Off, 15 Lux, 25 Lux (default), 35 Lux

Sensor Sensitivity

Low Sensitivity, High Sensitivity

Working Conditions

Power Source

110 VAC ~ 277 VAC

Power Frequency

50 / 60Hz

Installation Height

1.2 m ~ 1.6 m

Working Humidity

< 93%RH

Working Temperature

-20 ~ +40℃

Detection Capability

Detection Distance

7 m ~ 9 m (<27℃)

Detection Range

< 150°

Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Bulb Compatibility

Fluorescent / Ballast / LED

1000 W / 120 VAC, 1200 W / 277 VAC

Incandescent / Halogen

1000 W / 120 VAC

The Ideal Repalcement

The Rayzeek RZ020 motion sensor switch is the ideal motion-activated wall switch solution for the US market. It can fit in the US standard One-Gang switch box and replace your current light switch within minutes. The 110V-277V wide voltage range makes RZ020 applicable for home and commercial applications. Both “Neutral Required” and “No Neutral” versions are available for new installations and old house retrofit projects.
us rz021 motion sensor dimension instruction


  • 10A Load: Ideal for high load applications, i,e, controlling multiple lights or HVAC
  • No Neutral Required: Hot Wire, Load Wire, Ground Wire(required)

US Standard Switch

RZ020 motion sensor switch fits in the “Single Gang” or “One Gang” electrical switch box and can replace standard light switches in the US market. Also suitable for countries using the US standard switch boxes:
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Central America

Versatile Applications

Rayzeek RZ020 motion sensor switch is the ultimate solution for automating your home lighting. It can act as an occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor, or a standard light switch to suit the diverse needs of every space. Simply upgrade all your light switches with RZ020 without a second thought because you can always change it to a manual ON/OFF switch when needed.


Occupancy sensor with light sensor enabled is the ideal mode for bathroom usage, especially when you need to use it at night. Manual ON mode can be suitable for long showers.


Walk in and out of your home garage without the need to reach the light switch with an occupancy sensor switch. Enable daylight sensing to save more energy in the daytime.

Laundry Room

Enjoy the automatic lighting turned on and off for you when arm-full with piles of laundry to wash or clean clothes to take away.


Place an occupancy sensor switch at the entrance and enjoy the automatic lighting while you’re busy cooking and preparing food for your family.


Occupancy/vacancy sensor switches can reduce the hours of lighting used by approximately 53% on dark hallways in your basement.


Occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by 39% and increase energy-saving up to 17% with a 20-minute time delay for breakrooms.

Private Office

Rayzeek motion sensor switches provide max flexibility for office use cases. Occurpnay, vacancy or manual mode, your office, your call.

Conference Room

Vacancy switch with manual override feature is perfect for conference rooms where it’s not frequently used and requires manual turn on and off for presentations.


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RZ021 All-In-One Motion Sensor Switch

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RZ021 User Guide

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RZ021 Programming Guide

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RZ021-G (No Neutral) – Installation Video

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RZ021-N (Neutral Required) – Installation Video


rz021 occupancy vacanccy sensor switch residential appliction

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Motion Sensor Light Switch FAQs

A motion sensor light switch is a motion-activated, touchless light switch that can automatically turn the light on and off for users. A motion sensor light switch is also called a motion sensor switch, light sensor switch, wall sensor switch, etc.

Motion sensor switches normally utilize three kinds of sensor technologies to detect moving objects: passive infrared(PIR) technology, ultrasonic technology, and dual-tech technology.

The PIR sensor passively detects the infrared beam emitted or reflected in the environment to look for temperature change as a motion signal. The ultrasonic sensors constantly emit and receive ultrasonic signals and detect the difference in the waves as a motion signal. The dual-tech technology combines both PIR and ultrasonic sensors for motion detection.

The PIR sensor technology is the most commonly used sensor technology for its durability, energy efficiency, and realibility. All Rayzeek motion sensor switches use all PIR sensors.

Occupancy mode, commonly referred to as occupancy sensor, is an auto-on and auto-off motion detection mode that will automatically turn on the light when the detecting area is occupied and automatically turn off the light when the room is vacant.

Vacancy mode, commonly referred to as vacancy sensor, is a manual-on and auto-off motion detection mode that requires the users to manually turn on the light by pressing the motion sensor switch and the sensor will automatically turn off the light when the room is vacant.

ON/OFF mode is an exclusive working mode Rayzeek introduced to make our motion sensor switch to be a perfect replacement for regular light switches. ON/OFF mode provides a permanent manual override to the sensor that makes the motion sensor light switch work exactly the same as a regular light switch.

You can enter the ON/OFF manual mode by pressing the small button. Simply press the small button again to switch from ON status and OFF status, just like how you operate a traditional light switch. Press the big button to exit ON/OFF mode and return to the previous occupancy or vacancy motion detection mode.

Light Sensor/Daylight Sensing
The light sensor or daylight sensing function allows a motion sensor to detect ambient brightness with an integrated photocell. When the light sensor is enabled, the motion sensor will not turn on the light when there is enough natural light to save electricity in the daytime. The default setting are OFF, 15 lux, 25 lux and 35 lux.

Time Delay
Time delay is the duration that keeps the light on after no motion is detected. The motion sensor switch turns off the light if the sensor cannot detect any valid motion signal during the time delay period. This time window can keep the lighting consistent and prevent the motion sensor from falsely turning off the light due to a temporary motion-detecting failure.

Sensor Sensitivity
Sensor sensitivity is how far or how sensitive the motion sensor is able to detect a movement, especially a small motion. Users can choose the sensitivity that suits their needs for the best detecting performance. High sensitivity is not always good as it can be too sensitive, making the sensor to be able to detect people walking past the room, which might falsely turn on the light when no one is in the room.

Pets may trigger a motion sensor light switch. Animals also emit infrared beams into the environment that can be detected by a PIR sensor which can be seen as a valid motion signal.

Yes you can. Rayzeek motion sensor switch can replace 1-Gang switch without a problem. We offer both ground wire and neutral wire versions in case you don’t have a neutral wire available in the wall box.

No. Rayzeek sensor light switches are for single-pole use only.

Yes, you can. You can manually turn the light off anytime by either pressing the big button to temporarily turn it off or pressing the small button to enter OFF mode to permanently turn it off.

Yes, you can. Rayzeek exclusively offers a high current rating 10 Amp version for every high-load application like controlling fans and air conditioners.

Yes. Rayzeek motion sensor switches are residential and commercial applications compatible with a broad voltage range from 110V to 277V.



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