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Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors

Rayzeek all-in-one occupancy and vacancy wall mount motion sensors offer optimal lighting control solutions for home and commercial applications.

With advanced passive infrared(PIR) technology, Rayzeek wall mount motion sensors offer more accurate detection coverage, more durability and stability, with a lower energy cost. With Rayzeek motion sensors, you can save more energy without effort and start to immediately enjoy the convenience and security that automatic motion sensors bring to you. Our in wall occupancy sensors offer a sleek and fresh design to perfectly fit all decorations for home style and commercial style. With all modes and features adjusted by simply pushing buttons, without the need to remove the cover. Users can easily change time delay from 15 sec to 30 minutes, sensor sensitivity from low to high, light sensor value from off to 35 Lux, and of course the occupancy and vacancy detection mode anytime they want.

Rayzeek Exclusive Features:

Manual ON/OFF Mode

The most unique and requested feature Rayzeek wall mount occupancy sensor has to offer is the manual ON/OFF mode which allows the motion sensor switch to work as a manual mechanical switch by simply short pushing a button. There are often scenarios in work and life that we might need no motion detection and keep the light always on or off for a period of time, and the false-ONs and false-OFFs caused by unwanted motion detections can also be a problem. With Rayzeek exclusive manual ON/OFF mode, everything is back to simple, again.

Perfect Replacement Wall Switch

Rayzeek wall mount occupancy sensors are designed to be the universal wall occupancy solutions for every scenario, whether it’s home or commercial, US, UK or EU region, we got you covered. With its broad working voltage from 110V to 277V, Rayzeek wall mount occupancy sensors are competent for multiple regions and cover the US 120V home voltage, EU region 240V voltage and US 277V commercial voltage. Rayzeek wall mount sensors are also the best replacement motion sensor switches with its one gang wall box for the US market and 86 wall box for the UK and EU market.