Rayzeek Occupancy Motion Sensor Light Switch, 5A, UK


The RZ023-5A is an UK style 5A wall mounted occupancy sensor switch which uses advanced passive infrared sensor(PIR) and MCU control. Compared to traditional motor sensor, it can automatically turn lights or fan on/off by detecting heat emitted from the motion, and have better stability and energy saving performance.

Function: Occupancy, vacancy, manual mode all-in-one
Main Spec: 100~265V, 5A, UK standard
Certification: FCC, RoHS certified

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Customized Support

Home motion sensor for UK

RZ023 series is our motion sensor switch designed to meet the taste and installation for the UK markets.

The UK standard RZ023 occupancy/vacancy motion sensor is exquisitely designed with round cover corners to fit the decoration of European style homes.

The 5A high current rating and occupancy, vacancy, manual 3-in-1 functions are competent for every residential application in the UK and EU.

rz023 uk style motion sensor on wall
rz023 occupancy vacancy sensor switch dimension

Easy DIY installation

The RZ023-5A series is super easy to install with its standard wallbox design for UK and EU markets.

Homeowners can easily replace and retrofit your regular light switch with RZ023 series in several minutes without effort.

Ever meet these problems?

manual mode solution for kids bedroom

Need smarter lighting in kids’ bedrooms

Parents don’t have to worry about kids leaving the lights on with an occupancy sensor. Occupancy mode is great for daytime as kids would enter and leave their room pretty often. But in the nighttime, the light might turn false on when they go to sleep.

While vacancy mode can keep the light off but it is annoying to change the mode too often.

Can we keep the auto on/auto off occupancy mode all day and keep the lights off while kids sleeping?

manual mode solution for air bathroom

Lights turn off while no motion detected in a shower

The occupancy motion sensor in our bathroom detects motion to keep the light on in the shower. In occupancy mode, the light usually goes off as it’s hard to detect motion due to installation position and heat change. Even in vacancy mode with 30 minutes time delay, the light might still go off when we want to enjoy a nice and long hot shower, changing time also takes extra steps.

Is there a way to keep the light always on in the shower without the embarrassment of constantly waking up the light?

Say hello to the smarter feature!

Manual on/off override mode, solves real-life problems

Rayzeek introduces a breaking new feature to solve the real-life problems in the above scenarios, the innovative manual on/off mode.

We don’t have to change the frequently used occupancy mode to vacancy mode to keep the lighting always off. What we have to do is simply press the small button on the panel to manually override the existing occupancy/vacancy mode, to a manual operated on/off mode.

In this mode, we can keep the lighting always on or always off just like operating a mechanical switch. Simply press the big button on the panel to return to sensor mode with all previous settings unchanged.

Rayzeek cares about your life and solves real-life problems.

rz023 uk occupancy vacancy sensor switch side

For homeowners

The RZ023 series motion sensor light switch works with any bulb type, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED.

The occupancy with ambient light mode keeps the lights off in natural lights, offering the best natural lighting experience for your home.

Features & Specifications

  • 3 in 1 Occupancy&Vacancy&On-Off sensor switch adjustable.
  • Use fireproof material, high security.
  • Built-in magnetic latching relay, compared to traditional relay, better performance.
  • Digital scale on time delay, 15seconds, 1mins, 3mins, 5mins, 15mins, 30mins(6 time delay modes adjustable).
  • Surface buttons to change the function mode directly, free removal.
  • Accept function customize, like delay time, light sensor value as you request.
  • UL listed, suitable for American market.
rz023 motion sensor switch manual instruction


Sensor Mode

Vacancy mode

Occupancy mode

Occupancy without light sensor mode

Manual ON/OFF mode


15 s, 1 min(default), 3 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min

Light Sensor

Off, 15 Lux, 25 Lux (default), 35 Lux

Sensor Sensitivity

Low sensitivity

High sensitivity

Power Source

100 VAC ~ 265 VAC

Power Frequency

50 / 60Hz

Installation Height

1.2 m ~ 1.6 m

Detection Distance

7 m ~ 10 m (<27℃)

Detection Range

< 150°

Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Fluorescent / Ballast / LED

500 W / 220 VAC

Incandescent / Halogen

1100 W / 220 VAC

Working Humidity

< 93%RH

Working Temperature

-20 ~ +40℃

motion sensor home application

Perfect For Any Room In Your Home

The 1-gang single-pole RZ023-5A is the ideal replacement and retrofit motion sensor solution for UK homeowners.


Auto on/off occupancy sensor mode is the ideal energy-saving lighting mode for home bathrooms where we enter and leave quite often.

With our hands often wet or dirty, the auto on/off lighting saves us a lot of time and helps keep your house clean.

Additionally, with Rayzeek’s unique manual on/off mode, you can fully enjoy a hot bath without worrying about the sudden lights off.

occupancy sensor application for bathroom
occupancy sensor application for hotel

Hotel Room Energy Saving

Using occupancy sensor light switches in hotel rooms can not only provide a smart and convenient lighting control experience for customers but also save massive hotel electric costs.

The occupancy, vacancy, and manual on/off 3-in-1 model RZ031-5A offers max compatibilities for hotel owners as they can apply different sensor modes in different hotel areas such as the hallway, guest rooms, the lobby freely with ease.

Save energy with Rayzeek in under 8 minutes.

Remove old switch

3 minute

Connect new switch

5 minute

Enjoy Green lifestyle

uk rz023 occupancy sensor c2a
Enjoy smart and hands-free lifestyle with Rayzeek today.
For business
For individual


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