Low Voltage Dimmer Switch



The BS014 touch dimmable switch can work with any DC 12V/24V LED lights, such as LED strip lights and cabinet lights. Simply touch the switch to turn on/off the light. Press the touch switch for more than 5 seconds to dim the light and adjust the brightness to your demand.

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Touch Dimmer Switch BS014

  • Super Easy to Use
  • Touch to turn on and off
  • Press for 5 seconds to dim the light

Features, Benefits, Specs

Features & Benefits

  • Touch ON/OFF: Slightly touch the switch. It works as a regular on/off switch for your LED lights.
  • Dimming: To dim the light, press the touch switch for 5 seconds to adjust brightness freely.
  • Easy to Install: The touch dimmer switch comes with adhesive tape for mounting to any clean, flat surface.
  • Widely Used: Compatible with a wide range of LED lights, such as cabinet lights, rigid bars, strips, and panel lights.

Input Voltage


Max Load Current


Output Voltage

DC 12V /DC 24V



Cable Length

Input cable 100mm, output cable 200mm

Switch Type

Dimmable Touch On/Off Switch



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