What is High-Efficiency Plasma (HEP)

Horace He

Last Updated: August 21, 2023

What is High-Efficiency Plasma (HEP)

High-efficiency plasma (Hep) is a class of plasma lamps that exhibit exceptional energy efficiency. These lamps have system efficiencies of 90 lumens per watt or more, making them highly efficient light sources for outdoor, commercial, and industrial lighting applications. Hep lamps are known for their ability to convert electrical power into visible light with remarkable efficiency. Their small light source is the main factor contributing to the high efficiency. This design feature enables very high luminaire efficiency, meaning that a significant amount of light is effectively directed towards the desired area while minimizing energy wastage. This makes Hep lamps particularly suitable for applications where energy conservation is a priority. They typically have improved lumen output, providing a high level of brightness. The quality of light produced by Hep lamps is also noteworthy, with good color rendering properties that accurately represent colors compared to a reference light source. Furthermore, Hep lamps can be dimmed, allowing for flexible control of light output and potential energy savings.

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