Decorative Motion Lights at Your Front Door Enhance Beauty and Security


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

The front door light or front porch light on most homes is not motion controlled. The light is either on or off, depending on whether someone remembered to flick the switch. As a result, the light sometimes stays on during the day or stays off at night – either way, not the best use of the light for either energy cost and conservation or safety.

One easy way to deal with this problem, save money on energy costs, and get the safety benefits of a light at your front door that will be on when you need it, is to use a motion sensor light. These lights come in many decorative styles, colors, and designs that are sure to enhance the beauty of your home front.

Not so long ago, motion sensor lights came in only a few, floodlight styles. Colors were typically either black or white, and the industrial look of these lights did not lend themselves well to a front door setting. Not so any longer. Even the floodlight motion light styles no longer have this drab industrial look. But look further at the decorative wall-style motion light, and you will find a vast selection of beautiful styles and designs to choose from.

These lights really give you quite a benefit for the cost. The cost is slightly higher than you will pay for the non-motion light lights of similar style, but the motion sensor is the key to the benefits.


Most of these decorative motion lights include a dusk-to-dawn sensor, meaning your light can be set to automatically turn on at dusk, and turn off at dawn. These are the key times when you want your front door light on. Also, many of these lights have what is called a Dual Brite system, which is designed to save on your energy costs while still giving you the safety of an outdoor light to repel unwanted guests.

The Dual Brite system causes the light to go into a low-light mode during the night when no motion is detected. The light is still on, but at a lower level, conserving energy costs for you when no one is near the light. When motion is then detected, the light will fully illuminate, giving you the lighting you need when you need it.

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The sensor on these lights typically covers a full 180 degrees, with a range of 30 feet. This makes it ideal to pick up movement on both sides of your front door or front porch area, as well as from the front.

Sensitivity on most of these lights is adjustable, and many of these lights also have a manual override feature, allowing you to use the light as a standard, non-motion-sensor, light.

Maintenance and Longevity

Decorative motion lights are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also built to last. Most models are designed with weather-resistant materials that withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term functionality without frequent maintenance. Regular cleaning of the light cover and sensor, along with occasional checks to ensure the sensor’s range is unobstructed, are generally all that’s required to maintain these lights.

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Comparative Analysis

When compared to traditional lighting solutions, motion sensor lights offer significant advantages. Unlike standard lights that remain on all night or rely on manual operation, motion sensor lights provide lighting only when necessary, reducing energy consumption and extending bulb life. This makes them a more economical and environmentally friendly option over time.

Environmental Impact

By reducing the amount of time the lights are on, motion sensor lights significantly lower energy usage, which contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. For environmentally conscious homeowners, this is a compelling reason to switch from traditional lighting systems to motion sensor options.

Security Statistics

Studies have shown that well-lit homes are less likely to be targeted by burglars. Motion sensor lights add an extra layer of security by illuminating the area whenever movement is detected, acting as a deterrent against potential intruders. This proactive approach to home security not only enhances safety but also provides peace of mind to homeowners.

Decorative Motion Lights Come in Various Styles, Designs, and Colors

The range of decorative motion lights includes lower-cost alternatives, all the way to high-end, higher-cost selections to fit any home style. These lights install easily and use your existing wiring without the need for costly electrician bills to enjoy the convenience and benefits these lights bring. Make sure to read all directions when installing your light, and make sure to turn off the electricity at your fuse or circuit box before attempting to install a new light (or remove an existing light)!

Try a motion light at your front door, and chances are, you are going to want to replace all existing outdoor lights at your home with motion sensor light products. Next step, adding motion lighting inside your home!

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