What is ALA

Horace He

Last Updated: December 26, 2023

What is ALA

ALA is an acronym for the American Lighting Association, an organization that provides training and certification for lighting specialists. The association offers a Residential Lighting Training Manual that covers all aspects of the residential lighting industry, including trends, technology, and technical developments. Members can choose to do self-study or attend a four-day Residential Lighting Training Course offered at least once each year. To become a Lighting Specialist (LS), members must purchase and review the Residential Lighting Training Manual and pass a final exam. The LS final exam may be taken online, and a score of at least 80 percent is required to become an ALA Lighting Specialist. However, it is important to note that certification is only available to ALA members.

It is worth mentioning that Lighting Specialists certified after Oct. 1, 2010, must recertify every two years by earning 4 CLC credit hours through ALA-approved training. The certification process helps ensure that ALA Lighting Specialists remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments. The association also offers a range of resources and tools to help members stay informed and connected, including seminars, webinars, industry events, and networking opportunities. Overall, the American Lighting Association plays a vital role in promoting excellence and professionalism in the lighting industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an LS Certification

To obtain the Lighting Specialist (LS) certification, ALA members are required to acquire and study the Residential Lighting Training Manual and successfully complete a final examination.

What Does an Architectural Lighting Designer Do

Architectural lighting designers utilize their expertise in various fields such as art, science, engineering, physiology, psychology, and business to enhance the visual aesthetics, environmental sustainability, and social inclusivity of spaces and structures through the provision of top-notch illumination.

How Do I Become an Architectural Lighting Designer

To become an architectural lighting designer, one can pursue a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Alternatively, those interested in the production aspect of lighting design can opt for a BFA in lighting design.

What Is an LS Specialist

Logistics Specialist (LS) is a professional who is responsible for managing various tasks related to logistics. These tasks include managing inventory, issuing flight gear and repair parts, organizing Navy post offices, and handling incoming mail and cargo. Additionally, LS specialists maintain an inventory database and prepare reports and correspondence related to their duties.

Do Lighting Designers Make a Lot of Money

The median annual income for lighting designers in the US is $53,542. Typically, their salaries fall between $34,000 and $83,000 per year. On average, lighting designers earn $25.74 per hour.

What Is the Career Path of a Lighting Designer

Lighting designers typically begin their careers by working in various roles within the lighting crew, such as stagehands or general-purpose members of the road crew. They may also work in specialized positions such as spotlight operator, electrician, console operator, dimmer technician, or programmer before eventually becoming lighting designers.