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Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors

Rayzeek commercial grade ceiling mount motion sensors are the top-notch occupancy light switch solutions for residential and commercial applications.

With advanced passive infrared(PIR) technology, Rayzeek ceiling mount motion sensors offer more accurate detection coverage, more durability and stability, with a lower energy cost. With Rayzeek motion sensors, you can save more energy without effort and start to immediately enjoy the convenience and security that automatic motion sensors bring to you.

Rayzeek ceiling motion sensors are line voltage sensors that are installed directly on the ceiling without the need of power packs. The motion sensors are occupancy sensors with the ability to change time delay, sensor sensitivity from low to high and light sensor value.

What’s more, Rayzeek ceiling mount occupancy sensors are designed to be the universal ceiling occupancy solutions for every scenario. With its broad working voltage from 100V to 265V, Rayzeek ceiling mount occupancy sensors are competent for multiple regions and cover the US 120V home voltage, EU region 240V voltage.